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Our Approach

Our vision when creating US day News was to focus on news that targeted the United States and most importantly had an impact on its citizens. What sets us apart from other news websites is our drive to inform you of the current events in the United States as it unfolds and to be as accurate as possible to the truth. Each article we publish here has this philosophy in mind: informing its readers about the top stories of the day in the U.S.A. 

Our Story

As people who love the United States, we found that the majority of news channels talk about events all over the world, and don’t focus enough on what is going on in the country. For this reason, we were interested in shedding light on American news, from big stories to small stories. Stories that matter and that people are curious to read about. We then thought that by having a news website that focused on the most important U.S. news of the day, we could become a platform where people interested in these topics could share opinions. We wanted to give readers an opportunity to express their ideas and use this website as a potential platform for discussion.