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Latest updates on the most-talked-about celebrities

Here you can follow the latest updates on the most-talked-about celebrities in the industry. From details on their personal lives to updates on recent projects to any important event that can interest you. It will cover what you need to know to keep up with your favorite or most hated celebrity including related pictures and videos as well as social media posts. Also, we will provide the hottest gossips in Hollywood and keep you updated on whatever is happening on and this with all the most significant details for you. Here is a list of what will be covered as news come in daily:


  • Marriage and divorces: because we all want to know the juicy details of who hooked up with whom or got married secretly.
  • Celebrity biographers: because it is interesting to get to know your favorite celebrities’ backgrounds and upbringing.
  • Relations to politics: let’s not forget the impact that the world of glamour and glitter has on the political world and vice versa.
  • Important actions and events: in Hollywood and overseas
  • Hollywood news‎: from the biggest to the crunchiest updates of the day so that you don’t miss out on important celebrity news.
  • Job success: to be informed about important movie and music success in the industry and how it impacts our popular culture
  • Death: because it is sadly also part of life and it is important to know to pay our respects to the artists that played a role in the industry and in even in some way in our own lives perhaps.




The playwright and Aids activist, Larry Kramer's death occurred of pneumonia at 84
Britney Spears' quarantine before visiting her sons was her ex-husband's request
Elon Musk's baby new name published
Legendary Arkansas basketball player and Head Coach, Eddie Sutton, died at 84
Ryan Leaf arrested by police on a domestic battery charge on Friday.
Death of Jerry Sloan, the former coach of the Utah Jazz Basketball team, at the age of 78, reported on Friday.
Hagen Mills' death occurred in a botched murder-suicide in Kentucky.
Death of Shad Gaspard is confirmed by Police officers early Wednesday.
Former WWE star Shad Gaspard missing after getting back at the beach.
Geno Silva death: The ‘Scarface’ And ‘Mulholland Drive’ actor dies at 72.
Death of Phyllis George happened Thursday at the age of 70
death of Frank Bielec, stars of "Trading Spaces", happened on Friday
Death of Betty Wright, Soul Singer, and the Grammy award-winning singer was reported.
on Shula dies Monday at the age of 90.
Death of Matt Keough, a former major league pitcher
Death of Little Women reality show star occurred Monday in a car accident
Brad Pitt on SNL: The show is back for another "At Home" edition of the late-night comedy sketch show.
What was Tom Lester death cause?
63-year-old Hank Steinbrenner death occurred at his home in Florida
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