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Latest News of Controversial US Celebrities’ Crimes And Charges

Find the hottest news of celebrities’ crimes, charges, and accusations in the US day News Celebrity Crime section. The latest and most controversial US superior stars’ breaking crime news, cold cases, allegations, complaints, and more are fully archived here, detailing the whole dark aspects of the story to the people’s reactions and latest updates. Not only read but also investigate celebrities’ criminal cases with US day News, from the beginning to the latest updates and consequences of their criminal behavior. We provide an all-inclusive reportage of all US superstars’ charges, including the secrets behind them, the case process’s details, social media users’ reactions, and the criminal case’s final result. Here is a list of what will be covered as news come in daily:

  • Celebrities’ Charges: The number of celebrities who have been charged for different cases is out of count. However, you won’t miss any of them with us.
  • Celebrities’ Domestic Violence: Hard to believe, but true! Find out celebrities’ abusive relationships in detail.
  • Celebrities’ Physical Violence: Just by searching the name of US stars, read all the shocking stories of the well-known celebrity, from street fights to gang battles.
  • Celebrities’ Racial Actions: If there is any news of racist behavior, US day News will not ignore it. The full coverage of racial actions, the purpose behind them, and people’s reactions would be found here.
  • Celebrities’ Sexual Offense: Get to know all the celebrity sexual abusers here, read their stories and find out everything you want about them.
Jeff Fortenberry has been indicted
R Kelly has been sentenced for sex trafficking
The Mexican television host Ines Gomez Mont was accused of embezzling billions of pesos which is about $146 million USD
Britney Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander was arrested
Rick Dennison was fired as Vikings coach after refusing to be vaccinated for COVID-19
SVU Isaiah Stokes is charged of multiple shooting a man
Lil Baby is arrested over drug in Paris
James Franco settles sexual misconduct lawsuit
Is Marilyn Manson Arrested? Agreed To Surrender To L.A Police
Jay-Z sues Jonathan Mannion
, El Chapo's wife's plea deal caused she pleaded guilty to drug trafficking
Drake Bell Arrested, Charged With Dissemination Children
Founder of Gay Icon and White Party, Jeffrey Sanker's cause of death was clarified
"Just Do It" Shia LaBeouf Attending Therapy, Avoiding  Jail Time
Actor Bill Cosby's request for parole is denied
What Happened to Danny Masterson; Sexual Assault Allegations
T.I and Tiny Human Trafficking Allegations; Two New Accusers
Real-estate scion Robert Durst’s cancer caused his Los Angeles trial faced a postpone
rapper Kodak Black in jail after being charged with assaulting a teenage girl in a South Carolina hotel room
Feven Kay was arrested after police found her naked and passed out behind the wheel of her car