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In a Chicago apartment shooting, a man shot five of his neighbors
SD card contained murder video found in Alaska’s largest city
northern California Tech CEO found dead after he kidnapped
It’s day 3 of the Amber Guyger murder trial
Five injured and one died on Thursday in a Washington DC Shooting
A Georgia man shot and killed 3 masked teens
Oklahoma teen girl arrested for planing to shoot 400 people
An Ohio gamer sentenced to 15 months of prison
Police killed Brian Quinones, a Minnesota man on Saturday night
14-year-old Alabama teen killed his family members in an Alabama house
New shooting in Texas killed five people in the Midland/Odessa, Texas
Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles' brother charged Thursday
Epstein’s victim's stories are clarified in court for the first time
Threatened shooting at California included multiple guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition
Florida executes serial killer, Gary Ray Bowles, who preyed on gay men
walkie-talkie into the line of ICE protesters
Six wounded of Philadelphia shooting were police officers
Texas ICE office shootings were a targeted attack
Prince Andrew's link with Epstein be explained