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Latest events related to crimes and scandals

This category is for all those passionate about the latest crime investigation, trial outcomes, and lawbreaking news in the United States. The goal is to provide you with all the available information on the type of crime, offender and crime motive of a recent unsolved or soon-to-be solved criminal case. You can also follow up on the police investigations and everything that experts have provided the public at that point with along with videos and photos of the events that took place to make the story more concrete. Reactions to these crimes, as well as detailed information about their judicial process, will be taken into account during the unraveling of the cases to our audience. These are some of the main topics that this category aims to cover in detail to be a reliable source of information to the readers:


  • Shooting: since this happens on a daily basis, we wish to keep you informed so that you make sure you are safe.
  • Family murder: to understand the profile of the murdered and its victims.
  • Racist crime: to condemn and enlighten the audience about a topic that continues to divide the United States today.
  • Sexual abuse of children: because this is sex trafficking and should be stopped in any way and the public can help too.
  • Terrorist attacks: for the country to be informed and find ways to end terrorism nationwide.
  • Commercial crime‎: although they might seem less important, frauds and forgeries are serious offenses that impact the lives of people for years.




the suspect involved in the Michigan, Marshall county shooting was taken into custody
Shooting in Bellevue WA left one person injured.
A deadly shooting in Knightsen Ca that caused 2 deputies injured
A Westland Mall shooting caused police blocked entrances
Audio about Breonna Taylor death
Ariel Scott, a 10-year-old Slidell girl killed after she was cruelly stabbed
Vermont State Police are investigating a Police shooting in Rutland during drug investigation
At least four people are dead after a shooting in Paterson NJ
At least two demonstrators were struck as a car hits protesters in Bloomington.
A girl killed in Pico Rivera carjacking. Sunday, a 13-year-old girl died and her 8-year-old brother received serious injuries.
At least twelve people were injured following the South Carolina nightclub shooting
4th July shooting in Chicago
A Toledo police officer shot and killed during responding to a call outside
A Car hits protestors Seattle, Washington, strick two women.
Riverchase Galleria mall shooting at Alabama left at least 4 victims.
A soldier woman killed with hammer in Texas
White woman pulls gun on black mom in Michigan
anchor Ed Henry fired from Fox News
Thomas Manzo, Dina Manzo's eX husband, arrested by police on Tuesday
One was shot and taken to hospital in police-involved shooting in Pepperell Ma.