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Latest US daily news on economy and business nationwide

Follow the latest US daily news on important events that involve finance, economy, and business nationwide. Our goal is to present the most important factors that affect the American market and the general public on different scales. Along with accurate and complete information on the latest economic changes in the country, we aim to be a reliable source of information to our audience so that they are informed about topics that have a direct or indirect impact on their lives so as to potentially make the appropriate decision for their self, household or business as a result. By keeping up with the stock market and its fluctuations, this category aspires to keep you updated on the latest changes that impact the American households. Other pieces of information that are related to the events are statistics, photos, videos, and social network posts which will be linked on the page. The category englobes news on the country’s economy and more specifically the following topics:

  • Currency market: on a national and international level.
  • Sanctions and Tariffs: to provide the public with a better understanding of the latest changes.
  • Imports and exports: 
  • Business contracts: because it could have a direct and indirect impact on your life.
  • Economic occupations: to keep up with the evolution of the market.
  • Economic problems‎: to be informed and prepared for economic change
  • Money‎: whether for a business, to maintain a household income or to be updated on the stock market’s evolution.
  • Trade‎: for businesses who negotiate on a national and international scale
AstraZeneca merger with Gilead news is everywhere as the two companies rivalry, now come to incorporation.
There are plans for New York Coronavirus Reopening soon.
US weekly Unemployment Claims doubled to more 6.6 million
US crude oil price dropped to below $20 due to Coronavirus crisis
American Airlines Coronavirus: The airline is slashing international and domestic flights as request falls over the novel virus epidemic,
Crude oil global price plunged by nearly 25 percent late Sunday after OPEC’s failure
IBM Slack Stock shares soared Monday, company announced.
Fifth Third Bank Experiences massive Network Outage
Economic policy and National Debt Growth is “not sustainable”
Trump Said U.S. Economy Is Best It Has Ever Been
White House is weighing Limits On US Portfolio In China
Federal Reserve cut interest rates for second time
GM workers began Striking following failed contract negotiations.
plan to privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, mortgage finance companies
China's tariffs cost for US consumers will be $1,000 a year
Putting 10% tariffs on Chinese goods by the U.S. since Sept. 1
Fed Rate Cut,Oil Rises While U.S. Crude Stocks Fall