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White House meeting with President Donald left half-way
Bernie Sanders is at home after he released from a hospital
America in middle of "Cold Civil War" while Biden wants to silence Giuliani
Washington Monument Elevator broke down Saturday afternoon
Walmart will stop selling E-cigarettes and exit its category completely
22 were injured in deck collapse Saturday evening in New Jersey
An Ohio gamer sentenced to 15 months of prison
rescuers pulled four trapped men alive from Georgia capsized ship
The number of deaths because of vaping-related illnesses is now up to five
Imagine how it could be terrible. California diving boat fire left 25
What the hurricane Dorian will do in Florida and other destinations
Trump canceled monitoring Hurricane Dorian
Americans prioritization of values has changed
Trump has suggested Nuclear Weapons against Hurricanes
Vape's first victim dead. Death lies in wait for vapers
Billionaire David Koch's death occurred at 79
Violent clashes in Portland left six injured
Nancy Parker's plane crash killed her while recording a story
Miley Cyrus' breakup song released after her split from Liam Hemsworth
New child sex abuse law against abusers of the Catholic Church