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Violent clashes in Portland left six injured
Nancy Parker's plane crash killed her while recording a story
Miley Cyrus' breakup song released after her split from Liam Hemsworth
New child sex abuse law against abusers of the Catholic Church
Epstein's death in prison, he issued his death sentence pre-trial
Gun law in America is a sign of freedom or disaster?
The Texas and Ohio armed attacks leave 36 dead
Saoirse Kennedy Hill's death, the new calamity of Kennedys
Clark Pleads Non-Guilty For The Murder of Bianca Devins
Mueller Testifies On His Trump Investigation
ceApp raises Security concerns as Russians Own All Old Photos
El Chapo Was Sentenced To Life In Prison
people have signed on Facebook to pledge to raid Area 51
Epstein Was Accused Of Sex Crimes
explosion in a shopping center
Three NYC Police Officers Pay For Accused Shoplifter’s Groceries