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In this category, we will inform the readers of the most important US news of the day. The topics will range but have in common one thing: how it impacts the country nationwide. Interesting articles supported by related pictures, videos, and social media posts will also be provided when talking about some of the hottest news in the United States. We encourage our readers to comment about the article to know what matters to them and what they think about the topic and subject at stake. We will keep you posted on the breaking news of the day as well as inform you of different topics that are pertinent. Our website aims to keep our readers informed about the country’s politics, crime and investigation topics, financial and business issues, as well as sports, gossip, and most-talked-about news. While in the metro or on the bus, connect yourself to our platform to keep yourself up to date with topics that are of interest. Since so many things happen every day in the world, our goal is to mainly focus on the important news of the day that impacts directly or indirectly the American population. If you have opinions or comments you want to make, we welcome you to do so below the articles because we really want to know what matters to you and what you are thinking about what is going on in the United States that day. For your top story U.S. news, you are in the right place!

US Census Day 2020 will be hold online for the first time
This April fools day can be a chance to happiness around the world
Georgia Tornado Warning: Tornados watch has been declared for parts of metro Atlanta.
Growth of US Coronavirus death toll made officials worry
Arkansas city tornado: A fierce Tornado ripped through Jonesboro, Arkansas Saturday afternoon.
CDC warned Tuesday the US Coronavirus Outbreak is 'Inevitable' and asked Americans to prepare.
Joseph Lowery Death: The Rev. Joseph Lowery, a leader in America's civil rights movement, passed away Friday.
US Coronavirus stimulus bill passed the Senate and goes to White House
According to updates from health officials, Wisconsin state Coronavirus number of cases and death is announced on Thursday.
NYC Coronavirus death rate updated as record went up high a single day passes in the city.
Harris County Coronavirus Cases led to the stay-at-home order.
Maine power outage left many customers without power after a spring storm
First Randolph county coronavirus case confirmed
Cecil County has confirmed its first case of the coronavirus.
About one in four Americans will soon be under orders to stay mostly indoors, as US Coronavirus Deaths Toll passes 200.
Walmart jobs hiring is planned to hire 150,000 temporary workers by the end of May as the coronavirus pandemic continues to clear through the country.
Scientists now believe in a potential Coronavirus Anti-malaria drug
NYC Coronavirus Cases: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo provided new numbers on Wednesday.
Delaware state Coronavirus confirmed cases rises to 19 as of Wednesday morning, new victims of three counties in the state are identified.
Strongest Earthquake in Salt Lake County in Years