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US daily Politics news on top events in the country

In this category, we will bring forth the politics and the latest news in the U.S. today about the top events going on in our country. Our articles will focus on important matters and be supported by related photos and videos, as well as social media posts. With the 2020 elections just around the corner, and the party elections even closer, we know that being updated and informed about the latest changes matters to you. As these political decisions and events impact you and your loved one, we aim to provide you with clear, synthesized and objective information to help you decide for yourself on your opinion and views of the politics and the latest news in the U.S. today. We will also include interesting information on our politicians and the actions and comments they make. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed in this category:

  • Political organizations‎: who they stand for and what they defend.
  • Foreign Relations: international decisions impact the country on a national scale as well.
  • Political parties: with the upcoming elections, we want to keep you informed on each party and what they stand for.
  • Political events‎: to stay up to date on the national events and their impacts on your country.
  • White House: for all national and international events.
  • Politicians: from the most important negotiations to the juiciest speeches, we will keep you informed.
  • President: we keep you updated on the President’s decisions and speeches.
  • Election: because your vote will determine the outcome.
  • Voting‎: because the country’s citizens elect the President they want to represent them.
  • Veto‎
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