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Most important US Tech news on top stories regarding technology

Let’s follow the most important US Tech news and its latest updates as things constantly change and are on the rise. This page aims to keep you informed on the top stories that interest you about technologies, science, and the new upgrades. Technology is a growing and leading force in our national economy today and if you are tech-savvy, it matters even more. Social media is at the heart of political debates and plays a crucial role in how we view our politicians or the messages we circulate, the internet impacts our daily lives. As new technologies come in which can benefit us in many ways, at an individual scale but also at a national and global scale, be it financially, in the business world and for environmental issues and progress, we know that this page matters. Different devices and most popular technological inventions will be brought forth. We will keep you informed on the latest trends, discoveries, and changes that provide related photos, videos, and social media posts that are useful to the topic discussed. Here are the main topics that will be discussed on this page:

  • Smartphones: and its evergrowing possibilities.
  • Computers
  • Technology giants: and how they impact us and the country nationwide.
  • OS’s
  • Environmental technology‎
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy: because we are moving towards clean energy and understanding how technology can facilitate that is important.
  • Science
  • Space: as we keep pushing our limits, we keep learning about our universe. 
  • Inventions‎: to better understand how it can impact our daily life, the economy, the environment and more.
Larry Page Stepping Down From Alphabet delegated authority to Sundar Pichai
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