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Pentagon has started to evaluate Legality Of Using Troops On US Border
The Supreme Court on Monday supported Kentucky Abortion Ultrasound Law
Pensacola shooting investigation shows that the Shooter Mohammed Alshamrani has a Twitter Manifesto
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is planned on Saturday, Dec 7.
US Mexico Canada USMCA Agreement
The First Gun Rights Case in a Decade
Deals of Black Friday 2019 are important for many
Oklahoma Walmart Shooting
Economic policy and National Debt Growth is “not sustainable”
Trump Said U.S. Economy Is Best It Has Ever Been
Edward Snowden searched databases of NSA For Proof of Aliens
U.S. troops in Syria are “totally safe” thanks to “strategically brilliant”
The Trump administration is planning to collect DNA from Migrants
President Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry finally begun
burning the American flag near a Los Angeles hotel
the September 11 aftermaths damaged the US in different aspects
Americans’ fears of a looming 2020 recession have increased
Walmart stated it will reduce gun sales
disabled veterans' student loan debt by Trump's order
The US post-INF cruise missile was tested