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Sicilian Artist Arturo Di Modica’s Cause of Death Still in Shade


Unfortunately, we have just found out that Sicilian artist Arturo Di Modica has passed away today, February 20, 2021. Arturo Di Modica’s cause of death is still concealed. We offer our sincere condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Modica. RIP

Diva Agata, his cousin, revealed Modica’s passing through a post on Instagram and Twitter. “My dear Cousin Arturo di Modica,” she wrote wistfully, “The famouse sculpture from Charging Bull In New York… left this world 2 hours ago, R.I.P.”

She also replied that she’s desolated to remember this lousy notice, all the world is speaking about him, and now they are crying for his loss, but he would never be forgotten.

“The Charging Bull” is one of the most famous statues in the financial world. The renowned Italian artist who created it was Arturo Di Modica, who died this morning.

Born in Vittoria, Sicily, Arturo Di Modica was a Sicilian artist who grew a naturalized American citizen. Man is best known for the “Charging Bull” sculpture, which the artist dropped illegally through the night of 15 December 1989, outside of the New York Stock Exchange Building as his contribution to the American people.

Arturo Di Modica's Cause of Death is Unknown to Us.

A day before, influential reggae and dancehall icon U-Roy’s cause of death was clarified after he passed away at the age of 78  in his native Jamaica Wednesday (Feb. 17). RIP.

No One Talks About Artist Arturo Di Modica’s Cause of Death

Although everyone is talking about Arturo Di Modica’s sad loss, no one knows his death cause.

Not only the fans but also the world mourns after Modica’s loss. The initially Italian artist was an adorable American citizen as well; he was a great man with a great heart. Facebook users express their sadness in his passing just like one who wrote, “Master Arturo Di Modica died tonight.” he said, “A great sadness for the loss of the great artist.”

“Rest in peace Master Arturo Di Modica,” a fan wrote, “Proud to be Sicilian as you were; Italy and USA united in the sorrow.”

“I just received bad news from Italy.” Francesco Caramagna shared, “My friend Arturo Di Modica just passed today. He is the famous Sculptor who made the Bull on Wall Street in New York City. I went to visit him in Italy on August 4, 2018.” he added, “He showed me other excellent work that he did and others he was still working on. R.I.P. my friend.”

“Some sad news… Arturo Di Modica, the great sculptor of Charging Bull, a symbol of New York City and the financial district, has passed away.” someone tweeted, “It was a honor of a lifetime to help fight for Charging Bull to stay at Bowling Green.”


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Arturo Di Modica’s Decision For Removing The Charging Bull From Financial Hub

For years, the extensive Charging Bull sculpture has welcomed tourists in Manhattan’s Wall Street district. It’s obeyed as a fabulous backdrop for millions of selfies, numerous of them showing off the non-castrated Bull’s anatomy from the rear cheekily.

However, it resembles the seven-thousand-pound sculpture designed by Arturo Di Modica, which is getting ready to rush to a new position, moving on from Bowling Green Park to a location closer to the New York Stock Exchange.

A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office stated in an announcement to Artnet News that they are moving the Bull to defend New Yorkers’ safety. He also added that they were finalizing a new position by the Stock Exchange.

The artist was also steaming mad, revealing he feels very frustrated about how his sculpture was treated, with nothing but shame and not the appreciation that must be, as Charging Bull became one of the most attended attractions of New York City.

Modica assumed that the city was concerned about terrorism; they possibly cited a 2017 invasion by a man driving a rented truck near the West Side Highway, almost two miles from where Charging Bull endures on a norm in the middle of Broadway. In the new planned location, fewer cars can access the sculpture.

“Regarding the concern of Mayor Bill de Blasio and his position of moving Charging Bull for security reasons, I would like to respond that for 30 years, there were no accidents of any kind next to the sculpture,” Di Modica said.

Legendary Georgia attorney, Bobby Lee Cook’s cause of death is also private after his family and friends announced he has passed away at the age of 94 early Friday (Feb. 19). RIP.

To Know More About The Charging Bull’s Sculptor

Di Modica got born in Vittoria, Sicily, in 1942, soon before the Allied forces attacked during World War II. The man grew up encircled by the remains of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, which he later described inspired him to dream big.

His father didn’t want him to be an artist; therefore, at the age of 18, he scaped on a steam train destined for Florence in pursuance of his profession as a sculptor.

On Florence’s arrival, Arturo had to take an assortment of menial works to survive. Helpless to afford to use the local shops, he resorted to making his own and forging his tools to work with. His initial efforts finished with his first major show at Villa Medici in 1968, which originally features his early rough geometric bronze castings.

By the late 1960s, he started struggling with marble in the Italian Carrara studios, where he attended Henry Moore, who nicknamed Di Modica ‘the young MichelAngelo.’

Moore’s impact on Di Modica was robust, with a whole new style appearing soon after this period. By 1970, he had grown disappointed with Florence’s limitations for his occupation and moved to New York City.

Through the 1970s, Di Modica has focused initially on too abstract sculpture, often balancing two conflicting materials together in single products.

In the early 1980s, he started concentrating on the form of the horse. His first significant depiction of the horse was a very complex large-scale stainless steelwork exhibited in Trump Tower, 1984. This figure noted a reversion to a more form-based focus.

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