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KARE11 Reporter Boyd Huppert’s Rare Cancer Puts him in Trouble


Unfortunately, KARE 11 reporter Boyd Huppert has been diagnosed with rare cancer. Boyd, who is well-known for his storytelling, revealed that he has multiple myeloma.

During an interview with anchor Randy Shaver on Sunday night, October 31, 2021, he revealed that he has been diagnosed with uncommon blood cancer. He called it a “punch in the gut,” adding that: “You try to bargain a little bit, you try to think it’s not real, and then … for me, the acceptance came pretty quickly.”

He spoke with WCCO Radio’s Jordana Green on Monday, saying he learned he had cancer about one month ago. Green herself was diagnosed last year with leukemia, and she said she had responded well to the treatment.

Broadcaster Boyd Huppert has been diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer
Boyd Huppert, 59, has been diagnosed with rare blood cancer

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Boyd Huppert, KARE 11 Reporter’s Rare Blood Cancer

Boyd Huppert said that he went to the doctor after seeing the warning signs of cancer, including fatigue, nose bleeds, eye floaters from a hemorrhage behind his eye. “I have a fighting chance because of early detection. I’m going to get extra years because of early detection.”

Huppert, 59, said he has started chemotherapy and will probably have a bone marrow transplant the following year.

Boyd Huppert, the host of the ongoing “Land of 10,000 Stories” series, has worked at the Minneapolis NBC KARE 11 affiliate since 1996. He has started his broadcasting career when he was 16 at WEVR radio in River Falls, Wisconsin. He has started performing on television in 1984 at WSAW-TV in Wausau.

Boyd has won almost every journalism award imaginable, including more than 100 regional Emmy awards and 19 National Edward R. Murrow awards.

Reactions to Boyd Huppert KARE 11 Cancer

Following this shocking news, several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and shared their good wishes for him.

One of his fans tweeted: “You’ve got this, Boyd. Thank you for all you’ve given us through your excellent work. We are holding you in prayer and counting on hearing you tell stories for many years to come.”

Boyd Huppert has been diagnosed with rare blood cancer

Mike Bush KSDK wrote on Facebook: “If you believe in prayer, I would ask for your prayers for my friend Boyd Huppert. Boyd’s a reporter with our sister station KARE-11 in Minneapolis, and you’ve seen many of his stories on our station and on NBC Nightly News. In my opinion, he is quite simply the best reporter in local television. And he’s an even better guy. We were actually working on a story together when he was diagnosed. He’s got a long road ahead, but with our prayers, I know he’ll be telling great stories again soon.”

Erin Davisson, one of his friends, posted: “No one tells a story like KARE-11’s Boyd Huppert. Most everyone who wants to excel as a TV journalist knows his work, and of his rare ability to share stories of human kindness that inspire us. He is, quite simply, the best. I’m so lucky to also call this kind and generous man my friend, ever since our early days working as newbie reporters at WSAW-TV in the 80s. He’s going through a health crisis right now and could use our prayers. I’m positive that if all the love and kindness that’s he’s inspired in this world come back to him through prayers, he’s going to be healed and healthy in no time. Let’s shake Heaven with our prayers for Boyd.”

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