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Britt McHenry’s Lawsuit Against Tyrus Voluntarily Dismissed!


A sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former Fox News host in late 2019, was dismissed. Britt McHenry’s lawsuit against the company and one of her co-hosts was dismissed by the parties involved. 

Britt McHenry’s lawsuit accused George “Tyrus” Murdoch of sexual harassment, which cited documents filed in New York district court on Monday, July 19, 2021. 

McHenry said in a statement to the outlet: “I am very proud to have to stood up for my rights and hope that I have empowered other women to do the same. Although I fully stand by the truth of my allegations, I am pleased to put this matter behind me and move forward with my career.”

Britt McHenry's lawsuit is dismissed after two years

Fox News said it was pleasing to see the suit dismissed. The company said in a statement to ‘The Hill‘ on Tuesday, July 20, “While FOX News is confident it would have prevailed in the lawsuit, we are pleased that we have been able to resolve this matter without further litigation.”

Britt McHenry’s Lawsuit Settled

Britt McHenry had accused Murdoch of displaying “volatile and unpredictable behavior” and sending her unwanted and explicit messages in her lawsuit. 

She hosted the show “UN-PC” on the Fox Nation streaming service with Murdoch between December 2018, February 2019. Tyrus is now a correspondent on Fox News Channel’s late-night show “Gutfeld.” 

The commentator separately accused Fox of retaliating against her after she came forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct by Tyrus. 

“I am standing up for myself, for women, and for what’s right. I have maintained the same allegations because the truth doesn’t change. I feel for any sexual harassment victim who has their story and evidence dismissed, doubted, and not believed,” she said in a tweet after the lawsuit was filed in 2019.

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Britt McHenry and her Fox Co-host Tyrus

Britt McHenry is an ESPN correspondent who became infamous after a viral security camera video footage which showed her berating a towing company employee retrieving her car from a parking lot. When she was let go from ESPN during a round of layoffs in 2017, she said her race was a factor.

Britt McHenry's lawsuit is canceled
Britt McHenry’s sex lawsuit against Tyrus is dismissed

Britt and Tyrus were teamed at a subscription-based streaming service, the launch of Fox Nation. However, Britt McHenry, 35, is no longer an employee of Fox News.

George “Tyrus” Murdoch is not related to the family that controls the Fox News parent company. However, he remained on the network after the company’s investigation cleared him. Murdoch performed in the WWE as Brodus Clay and became a Fox News contributor in 2016.

Fox News is dealing with sexual harassment complaints since the issue first exploded at the company by former anchor Gretchen Carlson filing a lawsuit against Roger Ailes, the founding Chief Executive, in July 2016. They later issued an extraordinary apology to Gretchen Carlson and agreed to pay $20 million to settle that lawsuit against Roger Ailes.

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