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Steele Dossier Igor Danchenko Arrested for Lying to the FBI!


Igor Danchenko, the Russian national who was a key source of information used in the Steele dossier of former President Donald Trump in 2016, has been arrested and indicted by federal authorities for allegedly lying to the FBI on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

Special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigations led to the arrest of Igor Danchenko.

Trump's Request for recount is more possible now
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Five counts of making false statements have been filed against him.

Many of the claims contained in the Steele dossier have been proven to be false, while others have been debunked. A claimed sex tape, which was reported on by Buzzfeed shortly after Trump was sworn into office in January 2017, was one of the claims that drew a lot of media attention.

Igor Danchenko, 43, was an important source of information for the Steele dossier organized by former British spy Christopher Steele. The dossier contained salacious claims about Donald Trump as well as allegations that people within the former president’s orbit were conspiring with Russia to win the 2016 US presidential election.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Steele handed over the evidence he had collected to the FBI. Some of the information in the dossier were eventually used by the FBI to obtain monitoring on a former Trump campaign adviser.

Steele Dossier Igor Danchenko Arrested

Former Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham in May 2019 to investigate the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s potential ties to Russia and determine if any wrongdoing occurred. Steele Dossier Igor Danchenko was arrested, but he is not the only person who faces charges; he is the 3rd person who has been charged as a result of Durham’s investigation.

Durham unveiled charges against a Washington lawyer with close ties to the Democratic Party for allegedly lying to the FBI in September.

Michael Sussmann, the lawyer, has entered a not guilty plea. The other person is a low-level FBI attorney who admitted to tampering with an email.

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Reactions to Igor Danchenko’s Arrest

Many people were shocked and reacted on social media websites. An online user wrote: “So 5 “lying to FBI” charges all related to a purported phone call or meeting (guess phone call according to court docs) between Igor Danchenko and Sergei Millian that may or may not have occurred. Good luck on proving this beyond a reasonable doubt in court.”

Igor Danchenko has been charged for lying to the FBI

Andrew Prokop tweeted: “Durham tries to get to the bottom of where the pee tape allegation came from. He seems to imply what he thinks is the answer without actually proving it. This is a bit complicated so needs some decoding (cont’d)…Much of the Steele dossier relied on information provided by Igor Danchenko, who is the subject of this indictment. Per indictment, Danchenko was close to an unnamed Democratic PR Executive who worked in Russia and had associations with many key figures named in dossier. This Democratic PR Executive told Danchenko that he had inside information on the downfall of Paul Manafort, from “a GOP friend.” Danchenko wrote up his info and put it into the dossier. But the PR exec actually just made that up, had no “friend” who gave him inside info. The PR Exec also stayed at the Moscow Ritz Carlton in June 2016 and heard about Trump’s visit. The PR exec admitted to FBI that no sexual or salacious activity was mentioned. After that, Danchenko (who had not actually visited the hotel) wrote up the pee tape stuff for Steele.”

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