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Jay Z Sues Jonathan Mannion for “Reasonable Doubt” Album


Jay Z sues Jonathan Mannion in a lawsuit concerning the use of his likeness in photographs used and sold by the hip-hop photographer, as TMZ reports and Pitchfork can confirm via court documents.

The rapper is accusing Jonathan Mannion, who shot the iconic cover of his debut album “Reasonable Doubt,” of abusing his name and image “without consent.”

Jay-Z sues Jonathan Mannion over album cover
The rapper Jay-Z sues Jonathan Mannion Image source: Rap-Up

Jay Z is seeking an injunction requiring Mannion and his camp to cease using his name and likeness, like “compensatory damages, consequential damages, lost profits, and/or disgorgement of Mannion’s profits,” among other damages.

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The Rapper Jay Z Sues Jonathan Mannion

The charge, filed on June 15 in a California federal court, reads: “Mannion’s use of JAY-Z’s name, likeness, identity, and persona was, and is, in conscious disregard of JAY-Z’s right of privacy and publicity, and of his exclusive right to control the use and exploitation of his name, likeness, identity, and persona.”

This lawsuit accuses Mannion of thereby violating section 3344 of the California Civil Code, like Jay Z’s common law privacy rights.

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