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Is Marilyn Manson Arrested? Agreed To Surrender To L.A Police


Rumors are asking the question over the past hours to find out “is Marilyn Manson arrested?” and if so, for what charges. It is been told that his legal woes have been continued.

Bryan Hugh Warner, best known for the name Marilyn Manson, is facing two counts of Class A misdemeanor simple assault. It is said that he does not have to be present in the court despite of being arraigned on the charges by mid-August.

Based on sharing details, the singer of Sweet Dreams will face his assault charges stemming from a 2019 incident with a videographer in Gilford and agreed to turn himself in.

Is Marilyn Manson Arrested? Agreed To Surrender To L.A Police
Image Source: CNN

Following allegations in May, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the shock rocker, who spat on a videographer in 2019 during a performance in the town of Gilford.

Noted, Manson’s attorney has denied any assaultive behavior at the show. Manson was also charged for separate allegations due to rape and abuse, informing by several women.

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Is Marilyn Manson Arrested?

Is Marilyn Manson Arrested? Agreed To Surrender To L.A Police
Image Source: E! Online

Killing Strangers singer, Marilyn Manson is not arrested, yet. According to the police, his legal woes continued today. It is said that he agreed to turn himself in.

The shock rock star has agreed to surrender to Los Angeles Lawman on an active arrest warrant stemming which will traced back to what happened in 2019, the New Hampshire incident.

It is said that he will report to the L. A Police Department, which will be like an agreement between New Hampshire officials and Manson’s attorney.

Told by Bean Burpee, the Gilford Police Chief Anthony, the videographer was apparently subcontracted by a New Hampshire-based company.

It is been told that when the alleged assaults occurred, the videographer was located in the stage pit area. Mr. Burpee has claimed that the alleged assaults were not sexual in nature.

As the Gilford Police Chief Anthony said, the charges carry a possible jail sentence, could be considered of less than one year and a fine of $2,000 or less.

According to Mr. Burpee, it’s unclear when that will specifically take place. More information will come out and we will try to share it with you as soon as possible.

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The Story Behind Marilyn Manson And Sexual Assaults

Several women have come forward and taken a stand against Marilyn Manson via social media platforms, claiming similar statements accusing Manson of abuse.

Naming a few including his full-time personal assistant, Ashley Walters who has claimed that Manson “frequently became violent” and would throw glass plates and heavy objects.

Offering her up for sexual encounters with collaborators, Manson continued to harass her, as she has claimed after their professional relationship ended. She said she is now suffering from depression.

To name another victim, Evan Rachel Wood accused Marilyn Manson of her abuser. According to her statement, all she wanted was to expose this dangerous guy and call out the many industries that have qualified him before he destroys more lives.

Another person who spoke up against Manson was Sarah McNeilly. Based on her statement, she was locked in rooms in case she was “bad,” and had faced other acts of violence. She said she’s suffering from PTSD so as many other victims.

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