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Shocking Story of ‘AGT’ Contestant Nolan Neal’s Cause of Death


The former contestant on America’s Got Talent and The Voice, singer Nolan Neal’s cause of death has been followed by shocking rumors after he passed away on (July 18, 2022) at the young age of 41!

May he rest in paradise; our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during the tragic time.

Beloved Neal took his last breath on Monday, and the local medical examiner’s office confirmed the heartbreaking news. After his dead body was discovered in his apartment, Nolan Neal’s cousin Dylan Seals confirmed that the late star “ultimately succumbed to his battle with substance abuse.”

“He was a natural-born entertainer and it was obvious to all of us from an early age. He blew us all away with his incredibly powerful vocal delivery and songwriting,” Seals, who is an audio engineer, opened up in a statement shared soon after Neal’s death news was released.

He added, “Working with him in the studio was awe-inspiring. The speed at which he could write arrange and record the basics of a track was legendary. He was pure creative energy. He put everything he had in the music. He sang from deep within his soul. Upon reflection this morning, it was likely his tortured soul crying out. Music was life or death for him. It was everything.”

Nashville’s Medical Examiner’s Office has not shared any comment at this time, but the artist described him as “one of the most talented people” he’s ever met while working in the entertainment industry.

Neal first came to fame as a competitor in The Voice’s 15th season in 2016. His audition show of the Incubus song “Drive” led him to seize a place on Adam Levine’s team, though he was finally deleted from the competition.

About four years later, he decided to compete on America’s Got Talent in 2020. He starred there with an original song named “Lost.” He was later stopped in the Judges’ Choice section of the Quarterfinals.

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Did An Overdose Become Nolan Neal’s Cause of Death?

Although there is no official report about Nolan Neal’s exact cause of death, some believed his substance abuse eventually killed him and the star had an overdose.

Police revealed that Neal’s roommate called them after finding him dead in a bedroom. Officers announced that on the desk next to Nolan’s bed was a guitar pick that “appeared to contain a powder residue”

Our team does not confirm any rumors about the news, though you can be sure that we are attempting our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; but, do not forget that family privacy should be respected.

The Nashville-based musician had earlier explained his struggles with substance abuse in an interview in 2020.

Neal said, “I remember I got clean in 2010; May 15, went to rehab. Stayed clean. I joined the rock band Hinder, they were all about drinking and partying. This is not their fault. I had decided I wanted to drink like a normal person. I remember trying to be normal and fitting in. I remember going to a bar and ordering a drink. I tried to hide it. I remember pretending to be normal. I was just lying to myself telling myself that I could control it.”

He even confessed to having “lost my way on The Voice” as he resumed drinking while contesting on the show. But he finally discovered a procedure that worked for him and let him to stay sober.

“I found happiness by helping others in recovery,” he continued. “I found a way to be happy without the things I thought made me happy before.” 

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Just a day before his death, a Nollywood actress in the famous The Johnson series and TV personality Ada Ameh’s cause of death was partly revealed after she passed away on Sunday (July 17, 2022) at the age of 48.

According to a source close to the actress, she took her last breath in Warri, Delta State, around 11 pm on Sunday after suddenly collapsing while she was a guest of an oil company top shot and her family.

The beloved actress was transported to the Nigerian National Petroleum Hospital while she, unfortunately, lost her life before they arrived at the hospital.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed via the telephone by the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, who announced, “It is sad but she is dead, I do not have the details at the moment.”

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