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Robert Durst’s Cancer Led to His Postpone of his Murder Trial


Real-estate scion Robert Durst’s cancer, bladder cancer that is not being treated, caused his Los Angeles trial for the killing of his best friend, Susan Berman, to face a postpone on Thursday.

Robert Durst’s trial will reconvene Monday after a yearlong break because of epidemy; the attorneys for the 78-year-old Durst accused of the December 2000 murder of his longtime friend Susan Berman requested the judge Thursday to indefinitely postpone the trial.

Real-estate scion Robert Durst’s cancer caused his Los Angeles trial faced a postpone
Image source: BBC

Actually, the murder trial kicked off in March 2020, although, after opening statements and six days of testimony, it was held by Judge Mark Windhamdue to COVID-19 concerns.

Durst is accused of shooting longtime pal Susan Berman to death in the early of 2000 in her Beverly Hills home. The millionaire then killed and cut off Morris Black in 2001 in Galveston, Texas, to stop him from revealing his location to investigators.

Since March 145, 2015, he has been in prison after officials took him into custody in New Orleans. Robert Durst was arrested just hours before HBO aired the last episode of a six-part documentary investigating the disappearance of Kathie Durst and the deaths of Berman and Black.

Trial’s Postpone Because of Robert Durst’ Bladder Cancer

Due to Robert Durst’s cancer and related health issues, his legal team did an emergency motion, requesting for his trial not to continue on Monday,” attorney Dick DeGuerin said, adding, “We are very concerned about his health. He’s really gone down in the last year. He’s been in and out of clinics and hospitals frequently.”

He has not pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and has rejected he killed Berman. The trial, suspended initially in March 2020 following just a few days of witness testimony, was originally scheduled to continue in July but was postponed again. It is planned to resume on May 17.

Real-estate scion Robert Durst’s cancer caused his Los Angeles trial faced a postpone
Image source: TMZ

The HBO documentary, “The Jinx,” investigated Durst’s behavior and the rumors about the women in his life. In the last moments of the series finale, Durst went into the bathroom, obviously not knowing his microphone was still on.”There it is. You’re caught,” he said.

He whispered several seemingly separate sentences before stating, “He was right. I was wrong.”Then, he continued, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.” The case has maintained it will show Durst’s statements were heavily edited and not disclosed in the order in which they arrived in the documentary.

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