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‘Doctor Strange Zara Phythian’s Court of Sex Abuse Allegations


Fans are curious about Doctor Strange actress Zara Phythian’s court after she was accused of sexually abusing a schoolgirl with her husband, according to the officials on Wednesday (April 27, 2022).

As sources reported, Zara Phythian and her husband Victor Marke are accused of multiple child sex offenses on the 13-year-old girl after grooming her with her taekwondo ‘master’ husband threatened to burn their alleged victim’s belongings after the child said she no longer desired to see them.

Throughout the interview, the young woman alleged that she was first abused after the couple gave her alcohol to drink, before, she told, Phythian forced the then-teenager to perform oral sex on Marke. The woman then added that Marke had sex with both of them.

“I knew it was wrong but I just didn’t know how to get out of the situation or say anything,” the schoolgirl explained and told to police that at the time she was waiting for Phythian’s help, who was then a martial arts instructor.

“I remember trying to copy Zara’s reaction at the time because I looked up to her and tried to be like her in every way,” the woman continued. She alleged that Marke threatened to smash her kneecaps if she informed anybody about them.

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“He just said nobody would believe me if I told them anyway,” the 13-year-old is quoted as informing the officials in her interview. “They always had a power over me.”

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Zara Phythian’s Court Following Victim’s Interview

Additionally, in the interview, the baby girl alleged she was “coached” by the husband on sexual activity, estimating that she shockingly had sex with Marke about 20 times.

The actress whose legal name is Zara Marke, and Victor are confronting a mixed total of 14 charges of sexual activity with the underage child, originating from the woman’s allegations.

Our team does not confirm any rumors, but you can be sure that we are trying our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible, but, do not forget that family privacy should be respected.

Good to mention, the star has appeared in the action film Accident Man 2, which is scheduled to be released this year, as IMDB penned.

 Zara Phythian's court was held after she was accused of sexually abusing a schoolgirl with her husband.

Additionally, Marke is facing four charges of sexually assaulting a child, connecting to complaints from another victim to the police. He even rejects those accusations. During court operations on Wednesday, the jury was notified that Marke was wedded to another woman at the time he allegedly began abusing the woman.

It was clarified in Zara Phythian’s that Marke’s marriage was destroyed after he ventured into an affair with Zara, who was declared to have been a teenager at the time.

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Phythian earned cinema success when she played in Benedict Cumberbatch‘s 2016 Marvel movie Doctor Strange, in which she had the role of one of the zealots alongside Mads Mikkelsen’s character Kaecilius.

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