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YouTuber Abdullah Khattak Killed Painfully In an Accident


We are deeply saddened to announce that a well-known vlogger, Abdullah Khattak was killed in a road accident on June 29, 2022, at a very young age. May he rest in peace. 🕊 Please keep his family and friends in prayer.

It must be noted that the US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. If you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

Abdullah was known to be a Tiktoker who owned a YouTube page where he was sharing multiple videos of his daily activities.

The youtube was only 21 years old and was a medical student. The University he was educated at also shared how they are in deep sorrow by the tragic loss of a dear student and friend, Abdullah Khattak.

They shared that he met with a motorcycle crash earlier today after sending their heartfelt condolences and prayers to go out to his family and friends.

#Abdullah Khattak was pursuing an MBBS degree. The vlogger attracted much attention for his studying habits which he shared with his audiences on his YouTube channel.

The tragic and sudden news has left all that knew him heartbroken and in pure shock, as he left many dreams and inspiration and many more before him.

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The thing that has made many mad is that a lot of people have been commenting terrible things and jokes under his post which are considered to be highly sickening and alarming.

One reacted to such comments and wrote back: “We really need to sign a petition or inform the cyber crime department regarding these comments ….. what if this is true?!!”

Another shared: “The lesson that I’ve learned from this uncertain life is that keep your talents hidden no matter what. Cuz even people around you are love u buy some eyes are watching you with greed or HASSAN. That is Real! Abdullah was living the best of his life when he passed.”

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Abdullah Khattak Killed in Car Accident

One of his close friends on Instagram revealed that Abdullah Khattak was killed in a road accident last night. Bilal Siddiqui explained: “I don’t know how to announce this, but tragically last night @ak02k has passed away in a road accident last night.”

The vlogger expressed his sorrow: “There are few words to express the deep pain and sorrow of losing such an angel, I still don’t believe death would come to you this early,” he added.

The post further read: “Please pray as many times as you can ask Allah for his forgiveness, remember his family in your prayers, it’s really difficult to cope with such a loss.”

“May Allah forgives his beautiful soul like a death of a newborn baby, and provide patience to all his family members,” after requesting prayers for the deceased soul, he added.

Social media star Romaisa Khan shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram by posting a photo with Abdullah Khatak. The lovely friends took the photo weeks ago. She wrote that she’s shaking and just cannot process how this happened.

She wrote down for her friend whom she cannot see anymore that they had so many plans together and so many things to vlog together.

She also captioned her last post; “For me, it’s the first time losing such a good friend. I am still in denial. Such a pure heart, nice to everyone so ambitious. “Romaisa kisi din sath beth kr rote hain bus , let it all out” ! I wanted to learn Pashto tmse Abhi tou! we were planning a whole food series? But I guess we can’t change the God’s plan

“We belong to Allah and to Him we will return. You all please drive safe take care of yourself, be nice to people around you, and live your life like there’s no tomorrow. LIFE IS SO UNPREDICTABLE. AK We’ll meet in another world!” she added.

Shahveerjay replied: “Shocking! May his soul rest in peace. May Allah give his friends and family the patience to deal with the tragic passing of Abdullah.”

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