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Actress Aleksandra Yakovleva’s Sudden Death Stays Unconfirmed


Tweets have been shared on April 1st, 2022, informing us of the beloved actress, Aleksandra Yakovleva’s death. Her cause of death might have been due to a disease. Stay with us for more details.

Before anything else, you may want to take a quick read on her personal life and career.

For those who may wonder, Aleksandra grew up to become a talented actress, besides being a businesswoman (transportation industry – Air and Rail). She is considered to be one of the most popular actresses in the 1980s.

Born on 2 July 1957, Aleksandra was taught dancing as a little kid. Later on, she studied violin at a music school. She was the 1978 Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinema‘s graduated.

In 1979, she performed with Leonid Filatov the first erotic scene in a mainstream domestic Soviet film, the Soviet disaster film “Air Crew.”

Aleksandra gained much fame as one of the most popular actresses in the Cinema of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Years later, she left the cinema and tried to become the chairman of the committee on the culture and tourism of the city of Kaliningrad until 1997.

The popular star served as Head of quality management since 1997. She also staffed service at Airport Pulkovo and then as deputy chief of management and marketing on the October Railway.

Not to mention that she took part in the December 2009 launch of the high-speed “Sapsan” trains on the route Moscow – St. Petersburg. A coach with a restaurant and a bar were included in the service at her initiative.

After a while, beloved Yakovleva held the position of Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-speed communications of JSC “Russian Railways.”

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Does Aleksandra Yakovleva’s Death Stand Up As A Rumor?

Rumors have risen due to Aleksandra Yakovleva’s death. It’s said that the famous actress who played the role of stewardess Tamara in the cult Soviet film “Crew” has passed away at the age of 64, after a long-term illness.

Not a single word has been announced by a close source. We suggest you do not rely on any of these until a reliable source confirms this heartbreaking news.

A fan tweeted: “The talented Soviet actress Alexandra Yakovleva passed away! God rest her soul! Too bad. #rip #actress.”

Another expressed: “⚡️Actress Alexandra Yakovleva died, she was 64 years old. The audience fell in love with her for her roles in the films “Magicians”, “Crew”, “The Man from the Boulevard des Capucines” and others. 👉 Ax Live #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia.”

Having returned to the area on 7 June 2012, she was elected chairman of the Kaliningrad regional branch of the Russian political party “Yabloko“.

Must be noted that Yakovleva returned to acting with the St. Petersburg Maly Theatre Comedy in a leading role as the maid Bernadette in April 2016.

Repeating the name and the main theme of the 1979 film, the remake of “Flight Crew” was released back in 2017. Aleksandra played Tamara again, which now is a big official in the world of aviation.

Do you have Any more details due to the heartfelt News? Do you know her or have close relations? Are you a fan? Please help us write a better, more reliable article by sharing your information with us.

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