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Behind Shadows Anchorwoman Allison Payne’s Cause of Death


With a heavy heart, we inform you of the well-known journalist and an anchor’s death on September 11, 2021, at aged 57. Allison Payne’s cause of death is yet untold but stay for more details.

As many of you know, Allison Payne was referred to as a ‘sweet kind woman’ and a ‘great anchor’ being a nine-time Emmy Award winner.

She was a successful, famous, and international journalist who was a popular public speaker, being on air for almost 21 years with WGN-TV.

Behind Shadows Anchorwoman Allison Payne's Cause of Death
Image Source: Twitter

As you may already know, she was also an actively involved community builder. She was an anchor and reporter at CW affiliate and cable superstation WGN-TV for a very long time.

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Possibilities behind Anchorwoman Allison Payne’s Cause of Death

We know that Allison Payne’s cause of death has yet not been clarified by a close source; however, rumors have it that she had been suffering from myriad health problems for a long time.

It is said she passed away on Wednesday, September 1, in her hometown of Detroit. Tyra Martin, one of Alisson’s co-workers, expressed: “While so many journalists worry about the list of questions they want to ask…”

She shared: “She taught me the most important part of an interview is the listening. That even if you don’t ask the right questions, if you listen well enough, the story will reveal itself.”

Due to her health problems, she had left her career as an anchor. Also, between January and August in 2008, Payne was suffered from mini-strokes, which let her go under treatment for depression.

Leaving the WGN-TV, the beloved anchor shared with the public about her bad hobby of consuming alcohol: “I’m having trouble with my vocal cords.” Rolands Martin tweeted: “Damn…”

It was added: “Just got the news that longtime @WGNTV anchor Allison Payne has died. She was 57. Allison was a sweet, kind woman, a great anchor, who had an adorable smile. She suffered a lot of health issues last several years. Gone so soon.”

She was a talented and amazing human being loved by her co-workers, families, friends, and multiple fans. May she rest easy in grace and love.

Please remember that our condolences will be the only thing to get her beloveds through such difficult times. Kindly leave yours in the comment box below.

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What More We Know about Allison Payne News Anchor

Allison was recently married, but their romance came to an end so soon. The pair got divorced, spending some years due to personal issues. She was blessed by two lovely daughters Dana and Kathryn Payne.

From meteorologist Tom Skilling’s point of view, we know that Allison was young, vibrant, sharp. He described her as a young journalist who had the world before her, and one could only speculate where that incredible career was going to go.

Mrs. Payne founded and was also the CEO of Payne Productions. She became the founder of a television production company that had a duty to help students interested in the broadcasting business.

Behind Shadows Anchorwoman Allison Payne's Cause of Death
Vicky Baftiri shared a photo of Anchorwoman Payne.

The other thing we know is that she planned to leave her career. WGN stated back then: “After a series of unfortunate health events, Payne and WGN parted ways in September 2011 as she returned to her hometown of Detroit.”

She was such a private person about her life, although we know she took an indefinite leave of absence back in November 2008.

She later admitted in 2009 that she was dealing with depression and she was under treatment: “It was brutal getting out of the house; I couldn’t get out of bed.”

Thanks to Vicky Baftiri, it has been shared that Payne enjoyed showing her gratitude, not just by words but also by gifts. Most of the time, she had bought gifts for her colleagues.

Payne’s longtime producer, Baftiri, explained she has some purses, wallets, and jewelry, giving to her by Payne. She shared that Payne once paid for a makeup artist to beautify Baftiri on her wedding day and baby shower.

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Reactions to Allison Payne’s Death

As the heartfelt news came out, many friends, fans, and co-workers have been sharing their sympathies and condolences to her beloved ones.

One commented: “How terribly sad, my deepest sympathy goes out to her family & loved ones. She was an anchor here in Michigan for a brief time but impacted me with her loving smile and kind words. RIP BEAUTIFUL.”

Vicky Baftiri wrote: “I’m heartbroken. Allison Payne was my TV godmother, my mentor, my beloved friend. I wish I could’ve saved her as she protected me when I first started this crazy career. She was fiercely smart, beautiful, generous. I can’t believe she’s gone.”

Behind Shadows Anchorwoman Allison Payne's Cause of Death
“Allison Payne was my TV godmother, my mentor, my beloved friend.”

Another one shared: “Yes, She was all of Whom You described: IK I’ve seen her in Yrs, but I do remember her kindness & beautiful smile. My Sincere Sympathy to her Family, RIP Allison Payne.”

TMo said: “She was one of the 1st Women of color that I saw on TV…I was able to watch WGN in Chicago from S Carolina…Her hair was always on point, her smile was conquering, and her command for her craft was impeccable…Her hair reminded me of a Cobra snake when it would stand up…”

One expressed: “So sorry to hear about Allison Payne! She was from Detroit, and I knew when she pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Delta Psi Chapter. I was the Advisor of the Chapter at the time of her Initiation. A sweet and wonderful lady.”

One tweeted: “R.I.P. Queen ‘P’ a beautiful soul that has gone too soon. My Condolences to her family, friends, and supporters of her WGNTV program. Our bodies die, but her spirit will forever live. Mourn for a Day family, but Joy shall come in the morning.”

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  1. LaTon September 12, 2021

    Allison Payne , a true Journalist . She always did her homework before every interview. Her beauty , charm , smartness was always impeccable. Allison Payne and Dian Burns has always been Chicago best Anchor-Women’s!
    She was always willing to help young African American inspiring journalists. She wasn’t a perfect woman , none of us are !

    The sad part about her life, many forgot her while she was alive . After she parted ways from WGN news in 2011 , many of her former colleagues, staff at WGN and other Chicago news affiliates didn’t call her or accept her call .
    How dare you Robert Feder adding Allison to your memorial wall ,,, you were no friend of hers ! The past story you wrote on her was to destroy her career !

    Lets me clear she helped some of the same peoples that speaks from the tube today . She was always advocating for the women in the newsroom !

    After losing her father in 2019, it took a lot of her remaining joy from her spirit. Mr Dana Payne was her everything . She lost her mom at a tender age . She really never got over loosing her mom so young !

    I’ll leave you with this thought ; if some of these so called friends had been in touch with Allison , why did it take so long to talk about her death “a week after “. For the records she died on September 1, 2021!

    One of my favorite idols , well respected clients and friend ! I’ll always remember our Good Times !

    I depart the way I came in Peace #LaTon

    1. US day News September 12, 2021

      Dear LaTon,
      First of all, the real date of Allison Payne’s death has been added to the articles. Thank you for sharing these details with us. We appreciated your comment.

  2. jane vodak-smer September 12, 2021

    she was a beautiful lady and my condolences to her family and friends. No one knows what takes us into the depths of depression and how we handle it…………….may you rip.

  3. Carolyn Pruitt September 19, 2021

    Allison was a beautiful woman inside and out. She was an amazing inspiration to all women especially women of color… I will miss her dearly. As I will keep her memory alive by talking about her accomplishments to my daughter and others!!!!! You rocked my sister!!!!!


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