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Composer Alvin Lucier’s Cause of Death is Still Unkown


Composer and experimental musician passed away on December 1, 2021, at the age of 90. Alvin Lucier’s cause of death is not currently known.

The iconic experimental musician’s ex-wife Mary Lucier took to social media to confirm the sad news. Video artist Mary shared a black and white picture of Alvin at work in a recording studio.

She wrote alongside the photo: “The great Alvin Lucier has died. Long live Alvin Lucier.”

Alvin was mainly known for his experimental music and sound installations. His music was inspired by science and explored the physical properties of sound.

Alongside his career as a musician and composer, he was a professor at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

It is a difficult time for Lucier’s family and friends. Words cannot express our deep sorrow from the tragic death of Alvin, and we ask you all to keep him, his family, his friends, and all of his loved ones in your thoughts through this agonizing time.

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What’s Alvin Lucier’s Cause of Death?

There aren’t any official details about Alvin Lucier’s cause of death at this time. His family also has not shared any statement surrounding his death cause yet.

US day News is working to provide more information and collect the latest updates surrounding Alvin Lucier’s death, so stay up with us.

Alvin Lucier was born on May 14, 1931, in Nashua, New Hampshire. He was known as the composer of experimental music and sound installations that explore acoustic phenomena and auditory perception.

Composer Alvin Lucier's Cause of Death is Still Unkown

At a 1963 Chamber Chorus concert at New York’s Town Hall, he met Robert Ashley and Gordon Mumma, experimental composers who were also directors of the ONCE Festival.

A year later, Ashley and Mumma invited the Chamber Chorus to the ONCE Festival. In 1966, Alvin reciprocated by inviting Ashley, Mumma, and mutual friend David Behrman to Brandeis for a concert of works by the four composers.

Based on the success of that concert, they embarked on a tour of the United States and Europe under the name the Sonic Arts Group. Performing and touring together for about a decade, the Sonic Arts Union became inactive in 1976.

In 1970, the composer left Brandeis for Wesleyan University. In 1972, he became a musical director of the Viola Farber Dance Company.

One of Lucier’s best-known works is I Am Sitting in a Room (1969), in which he records himself narrating a text and then plays the recording back into the room, re-recording it.

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Reactions to Alvin Lucier’s Death

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts; however, fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Sad to hear about the death of Alvin Lucier. Thank you for shaping how I think about listening and space. Thank you for changing how I listen.”

“And so farewell Alvin Lucier, one of our inspirations at the ‘Gravity and someone who truly pushed at the edges of sound. Here he is fiddling around with some electronic equipment,” one Twitter user wrote.

“will never forget the visage of seeing Alvin Lucier perform I’m Sitting in a Room wearing a Black Lives Matter T-Shirt in the pre-covid era,” another fan tweeted.

“In 1995, I was so very fortunate to perform in collaboration between Alvin Lucier and Robert Wilson. As a young kid (20ish), I was among giants, and one of those giants passed away today. To the composer that challenged us all to listen deeply, rest in peace, Alvin Lucier,” Chris O’Connor wrote.

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