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Porn Star Angelina Please’s Cause of Death Seems Suspicious


Many rumors have been spread about adult film star Angelina Please’s cause of death after the young girl’s dead body was found in her Las Vegas apartment on Monday ( March 14, 2022) at the age of 24!

May she sleep well.

Police discovered Angelina Please’s dead body after they were called to her home and soon found her body. There were no signs of foul play or violence at her home at that time.

The adult entertainer Angelina’s shocking passing news was confirmed by her neighbor and fellow porn star Aspen Brooks appears to suggest that police were called to her flat when no one had heard from her in five days.

Brooks said she was at a “loss for words” as news of Please’s death circulated, writing, “Went to go check up on my friend after she had been missing, only to find out we lost an amazing person. One of my best friends. My neighbor.”

She added, “The person I would gossip with about everything. She was 24 years old and she’s looking down on us now in a better place, letting us know everything will be ok.”

Angelina Please performed in various X-rated titles during her career, with her work earning her a nomination for the Trans Performer of the Year at the 2022 AVN Awards.

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Rumors of Suicide Behind Angelina Please’s Cause of Death

Although no report about Angelina Please’s cause of death has been released at the time, Clark County Medical Examiner announced the case is pending. Some unofficial sources also claim she lost his life because of suicide.

Nevertheless, our team does not confirm any rumors; we are trying our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible. but, family privacy should be respected at this difficult time.

Angelina was originally from Chicago where her family and friends knew her as Francesca.

The popular performer also had an OnlyFans account where she shared raunchy clips with her thousands of followers online. In 2020 she appeared in five episodes of TV series Kinky Bites. Her co-stars such as Charlotte Sartre and Robin O’Hara.

The GoFundMe, created by Angelina’s sibling, reads: “My parents would like to bring her body home to Chicago, where my father has given up his plot to lay my sister next to her grandparents. This is a fee my parents and I never planned for. Please help us with whatever you can.”

She added, ““Every cent goes towards my sister and her final place of rest.”

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“I never imagined having to do for my baby sister,” Montalbano opened up in the description, describing Angelina as “so special in a million different ways and showed so much promise. She would go above and beyond to help the people she loved. Now, her and her family are asking for your help.”

Montalbano continued, “This is a fee my parents and I never planned for. Please help us with whatever you can. Every cent goes towards my sister and her final place of rest.”

Reactions to Unexpected Death of Angelina Please

Celebrities’ death news always break many hearts; however, fans remember memories, and their idols are alive in their mind even after death.

Here we collected some of Angelina Please’s friends, fans, and loved ones’ reactions to the news, including the heart-touching tributes they posted on social media.

A friend wrote, “The media needs to stop sensationalizing my friend Franny’s (Angelina Please) death. Trans death is not a meme. The death of women in the sex industry isn’t material to turn into a sensational, exaggerated headline. She was a real person and a beautiful soul. They’re all parasites!”

She continued, “Over the last few months, you coordinated efforts to get someone an AC during a heatwave, to help your friend get sober (which you did successfully), and to help someone who was undocumented. I already miss just sharing tea with you and face timing while getting ready.”

Another said, “Transgender porn star Angelina Please, 24, died alone in her apartment after doing ketamine and was ‘unrecognizable’ when cops found her body four days later.”

US Chief Reporter Jen Smith Family of adult entertainer Angelina Please say her death was unexpected. She was looking forward to an awards ceremony when she died but was ‘so much more’ than a porn star. They are trying now to bring her body back from Las Vegas to Chicago for burial.”

A friend tweeted, “Thoughts And Prayers Come In After Adult Actress Angelina Please Was Found Dead In Las Vegas After She Was Missing For Almost A Week; Police Have No Leads.”

Another penned, “RIP my beautiful friend. You were so intelligent, caring, and helped me through the worst moment in my life. Over the last 2 years our talks became more and more political and I know you would have grown into an even more powerful activist. I miss you.”

A user shared, “She is dead so no more bad comment on her after all she is also human being “R.I.P”

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  1. JODY WILLIAMS March 19, 2022

    The older people in the porn industry who used to know we would help with final arrangements have all passed on. I feel like an old dinosaur now, but the work continues as I see with this case. People who look at any stars don’t realize they’re people and not all famous people are rich. When it comes time to “real life” stuff, people tend to scatter. This is why during the HIV/AIDS crisis, I found myself having to help with things like final arrangements, and even getting the people home so they could be laid to rest. It’s one of the reasons we formed http://www.sexworkersanonymous.net – so we can help our sisters and brothers at their time of need. I know of ways we can get her back home without a huge expense, which sadly I’ve found people will shell out for porn, but not for funerals much of the time. I can help get independent medical examiners to look into the cause of death because often someone is trying to hide something when one of us dies. Clark County doesn’t have the best reputation with that sort of thing after what happened to Buffalo Jim. We have many members of SWA who are now ministers, so we can even help with a non-denominational service if the family would like one. If there’s any way we can help her surviving friends and families to keep going and lay her to rest – please call me anytime of day or night and I’ll do whatever I can. I’m based in Las Vegas right now myself. I used to get calls in the middle of the night when this would happen, but again I’ve lost so many people in this field now I find these young ones have no idea I’m even still around and here to help in their time of need. Contrary to what some people portray us as, we are NOT “against” the industry. One of our founding members was a lesbian and a transgender who also have passed now with the years. Bill Margold used to let us know when someone would die, but he’s dead now too. So help me let these young and up and coming kids know we are a family here and here to help.

  2. D March 19, 2022

    I know her personally. It was definitely not suicide. Please take that down. She would never.


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