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The Value of Our Mental Health; Arlana Janell’s Suicide Rumor


Regret to inform you of one of the most heartbreaking news Arlana Janell’s unexpected suicide. On May 4, 2022, this angle shared a post on her Instagram which seems to be a suicide note. Ever since no one has heard from her.

Must be noted that the US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. Just in case you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

For those of you who may not know, Arlana Janell Miller is a Baton Rouge native. She attended Southern University and A&M College. She used to be a student from Louisiana.

his beloved angel, who is now considered to be a person who has been suffering from mental health for so long, goes by the Instagram username @lanaawanaa.

Many believe that she is now passed away after committing suicide, as she wrote a long suicide note in her last post on Her Instagram. This news has not been announced nor confirmed by a close source.

Putting that aside, there are words on social that say a Facebook user named Dria Derricho has confirmed her death on May 4. We all sending our prayers to Arlana and her family.

The unfortunate thing is that suicide and depression are increasing day by day in today’s society, increasing source of concern by its side. Mental health means more than you would think. It is a serious issue, but sadly, the world and people do not value this enough.

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Tragedy Behind Arlana Janell’s Suicide

Arlana Janell’s suicide has yet not been confirmed. We all praying to god, sending her family and friends and Arlana herself the strength that they need. It’s been almost eleven hours since she shared a long statement in which she has expressed herself along with thanking her mom, friends, and fans and saying goodbye to all. Many have been sharing their comments under her recent post trying to change her mind.

She wrote at the end how she always dreamed of becoming so many things that she is now; however, they just aren’t enough. She expressed herself in a way that she believes she is not enough.

According to her own words, she has been suffering from these thoughts for a while. She wrote at the end: “But I say all this to say, I’m done fighting. My battle is over and I pray everyone finds peace in that❤️”

Tragic rumors due to Arlana Janell's suicide are increasing on social.

Lanaawanaa wrote: “May this day bring me rest and peace. I have fought this urge since my early teenage years… I gave this life all the fight I had. To everyone who has entered my life, I’m so grateful and I can only imagine how this may find you. I have been surrounded by people who may have honestly thought that I was okay, but I haven’t been okay for a while. I struggled so much through just this year alone. From covid to tearing my ACL, to nearly failing all of my classes.”

She added: “To the people in my life, I pray you to learn to vocalize your feelings and get help always!!! I failed at that and I’m afraid it’s too late. MOM, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I pray you know I’m at rest now! You would’ve given anything to see me happy, you have given everything to see me happy! I’m happy in the water where everything is still and peaceful. I have written so many suicide notes in my life but finally, I’ve reached my end. I hope this teaches everyone to check on their “strong” friends and be present always! I’m contradicting myself but NEVER give up!!!”

Beloved Arlana captioned: “I know that I’m letting a lot of people down by what I’m about to do. But… truth is I’ve already let down so many people throughout my life and it just feels unbearable. I’ve lost my connection to God. The devil seems to have won. & that is okay, I blame no one for this! I thank everyone for all they’ve done & IM SORRY IM SO SO SORRY. But thinking about how everyone else would feel about my death is not enough either, I’ve tried to please and make everyone else happy my entire life. I’ve been dead inside for too long. To everyone I love, just remember that this is not your fault and I pray you don’t find guilt in my situation. To my grandad… I wish you were here to tell me I’m being stupid, to tell me it’s not worth it, but you’ve left me & found your own peace.”

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