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Story Behind Jack Whyte’s Cause of Death, His Longtime Illness


We are miserable to report that the Dream of Eagles’ author has passed away on February 23, 2021. Jack Whyte’s Cause of Death has not been reported yet; however, we expect connections to his late illness, cancer. He was 82.

Jack Whyte's Cause of Death is Not Given.

Mr. Whyte always was an incentive for those fighting with writing and a great sample of a professional writer. RIP

Author Eileen Cook expressed herself about Mr. Whyte’s loss on her Twitter account a few moments ago. She was deeply saddened by his passing, writing, “I am truly sad to share that author Jack Whyte has passed away.” she added, “He always had an encouraging word for those struggling with their stories and a fierce belief in the power of stories. RIP.”

Holly Martin, his step-daughter, revealed that Mr. Whyte dabbled in all kinds of things over the years and was excellent at all of them.

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Is Author Jack Whyte’s Cause of Death His Long-time Illness?

Mr. Whyte had been battling cancer for a long time. He passed away at Kelowna Hospice House, Monday night. The celebration of his life will stay later this year, as Martin said.

Still, no cause of death has been confirmed yet. We remember him struggling with cancer for long years; however, his painful disease couldn’t stop him from creating amazing stories.

He was A Dream of Eagles’ author, a series of classical novels set in post-Roman Britain centered around King Arthur’s legend. The series was translated into many languages, including:

  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Author Jack Whyte’s Funeral Details in His Obituary

Jack Whyte’s obituary revealed the man passed away on February 23, at Kelowna Hospice House while he was 82. There has been no extra information about Mr. Whyte’s funeral. Probably, there will be more details in the coming days.

The family and friends of Jack Whyte are experiencing such a challenging situation. Their privacy needs to be respected. We offer our sincere condolences and prayers to the family and friends of legendary author Jack Whyte.

A Short Review on Jack Whyte’s Biography

Mr. Whyte began working on the first book in what has grown a bestselling series in 1977. Following 12 years and with three finished books in hand, he finally proposed a publisher.

According to an interview January Magazine held with Jack Whyte, he was, convinced that actually trying publication would result in spectacular defeat and an end to what had grown an enjoyable hobby.

Jack Whyte further wrote ‘The Templar Trilogy’ and ‘The Guardians of Scotland,’ which are multi-book series. Mr. Whyte’s books had sold over 1.25 million copies by 2011 just in Canada.

According to his biography on the website of Penguin Random House Canada, Jack Whyte had other carriers as well; he worked as

  • actor
  • poet
  • singer
  • orator
  • his longtime publisher

Jack Whyte’s Battle with Cancer

In a 2018 interview with The Daily Courier, Mr. Whyte revealed his passion for research and what he considered the reasons for his global success as a historical fiction writer.

He said that he’s gone looking for legends and attempted to strip away all the attached crap of the centuries and reveal what it was initially that made this story and these people so fabulous.

In the interview, led after Whyte’s very first battle with cancer, he assumed he was looking forward to composing many more books: “Too many ideas,” the man replied. “Not enough time.”

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Reactions to Jack Whyte’s Death

“One of my favourite writers and more importantly, one of my favourite people, has passed away.” a fan of him tweeted, “Jack Whyte If you love stories and Scottish history you will love his books. The Forrest Laird is perfect!”

“Well, I might have a certain resignation to the cycle of life,” @joanbflood shared, “but I deeply regret the passing of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Jack Whyte. Both writers have given me hours of pleasure, contemplation, and aspiration.”

Napier’s Bones’ author Derryl Murphy wrote: “Farewell to my friend Jack Whyte, pictured here with me at home the last time he came through town.” he replied, “I’ll mis talking single malts with him, and will raise a glass in his memory tonight.”

“This hits. I met Jack.” a user wrote, “He came to my store and donated books. He gave me first editions of The Guardians of Scotland series. We chatted about books and authors.”

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