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Journalist Aydın Engin Sadly Passed Away at 81


Unfortunately, Turkish journalist, playwright, screenwriter, and politician, Aydın Engin passed away today (March 24, 2022) at the age of 81. May the legend rest in power and may God give power to his family to deal with the great loss.

He was born in 1941 in Ödemiş; his father was the tailor Sadık Engin, and his mother is Adalet Engin. After completing his secondary education at Ödemiş High School in 1957, he studied at Istanbul University Faculty of Law for a while.

During his student years, he tried to make a living by typing the writings of some writers and translators such as Adalet Cimcoz and Tahir Alangu and became acquainted with the profession of writing.

During his university education, he also started amateur theater at the Youth Theater. After that, he left his law education and chose acting as a profession.

He wrote his first play, “Aykırı”, while he was a reserve officer teacher. The play was staged at the Gülriz Sururi-Engin Cezzar Theatre. The artist kicked off working as a dramaturg and actor in this ensemble. In the same year, he began serving as a private screenwriter for Yılmaz Güney. He wrote many screenplays for Yeşilçam, but he did not put his signature.

In 1967, together with Tuncel Kurtiz, Tuncer Necmioğlu, Umur Bugay and Müjdat Gezen, he founded the Folk Dancers. Also, he wrote and directed the play “Devri Süleyman”. The game attracted great interest.

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Journalist Aydın Engin Passed Away Years After Receiving Death Threats

The veteran columnist for the Cumhuriyet daily, Aydın Engin passed away 8 years after it was reported that he received two death threats in İstanbul.

Engin was first threatened on his way to a meeting with readers at an İstanbul bookstore on Saturday. He reported that one of three youngsters who stopped him after he parked his car said, “Look at the sun carefully as this will be your last look.” Engin kept talking and ignored the threat.

In a separate incident, Engin received a phone call in his office the following day at the paper. A man on the phone told him “Your days are numbered, fag…” and hung up.

Now some official sources confirmed the death news. A user wrote on social media, “We have lost a senior colleague. Aydın Engin passed away due to health complications. An indomitable journalist, staunch rights defender, leaving behind a life of relentless battle for a better Turkey; the sweetest human being, a source of endless hope. We are much less today. RIP.”

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Engin was one among a number of Cumhuriyet columnists detained in a crackdown targeting the critical days in late October. He was released due to his age and health, while 10 Cumhuriyet editors and executives had been under arrest for the last 50 days as of Dec. 24.

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