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Car Salesman Billy Fuccillo’s Cause of Death, long Illness


It is with the deepest sorrow to announce that the legendary car salesman, Mr. Fuccillo has passed away. Billy Fuccillo’s cause of death has been confirmed, so stay with us.

Everybody knows Mr. Fuccillo by his common and memorable trademark “It’s gonna be Huuuuuuuuuggge,” for his car dealership commercials in Florida.

He used to own several dealerships in upstate New York. He was in the business with his son named Billy Fuccillo Jr. although they sold five of them.

Car Salesman Billy Fuccillo’s Cause of Death, long Illness
Image Source: RochesterFirst

Should be mentioned that he was also a philanthropist, donating to various charities in New York. As one of his friends, William Fitzpatrick mentioned, he was just a great man.

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Billy Fuccillo’s Cause of Death, Long Illness Related

Mr. Fuccillo was 64 years old who died at his home in Florida. following years of declining health, he passed away earlier this week. Billy Fuccillo’s cause of death was related to his health problems.

His Illness, as it is been shared, may have been due to health reasons. He had suffered from a serious medical blow late last year.

Many have said it was just a rumor or a way to step aside and let his son lead a role. We do not refuse or confirm this fact, but if you have any valuable information please share it with us.

The Syracuse Auto Dealers Association announced Mr. Fuccillo’s death on Friday morning: “It is with great sadness that we advise you of the passing of former member and friend, Billy Fuccillo.”

William Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County District Attorney said of Fuccillo: “He was bigger than life. When I was asked years ago to help fund the Syracuse Police Department memorial in downtown Syracuse, Billy was the first guy to help.”

His friends referred to him as funny, kind-hearted, and always giving back to the community. Our condolence and sympathy will be with his family and friends.

Please if you have any more details to share, write them down on the comment box below and kindly share your condolence, too.

What Happened To Billy Fuccillo?

Billy Fuccillo opened his first car dealership back in 1989. This is what many have done throughout the years. He became one of the best car salesman and also became kind of an icon.

What made Billy’s job spectacular was that he was truly gifted in the car dealership business. His one-man dealership suddenly became something of an empire, as many have said.

Later on, he came out with one of a kind catchphrase which was “it’s going to be HUUUUUUUUUUUGE.” He became best known for this catchphrase.

Later on, something odd started to happen. His absent felt back in 2019, when he unexpectedly stopped responding to his messages and after that he stopped to appear in ads and commercials.

Car Salesman Billy Fuccillo’s Cause of Death, long Illness
Image source: Buffalo News

Last year, 2020, something went wrong. Billy had been mysteriously absent for months. He suddenly stopped filming commercials for the dealership.

Billy Fuccillo Health Condition In 2020

Rumors started to take over and spread the news that Billy was in poor health. Strange thing was that no one neither confirmed those rumors nor rejected them at that time.

But this wasn’t his first time he was absent. Back in, again the question of “ what happened to billy” spread throughout the public.

He finally reacted to the questions in an interview: “I must have had a million people come up to me and say, ‘Billy, are you OK? Are you feeling all right?”

Again it needs to be mentioned that the reason for Billy’s months-long absence had never been confirmed neither by him nor any sources close to him.

Car Salesman Billy Fuccillo’s Cause of Death, long Illness
Image source: The Daily Gazette

According to his attorney, Robert Scalione, Billy Fuccillo’s cause of death hasn’t been shared with him either. Although he did confirm that Fuccillo had been ill.

Reactions to Death of Billy Fuccillo

Death news of famous figures always breaks many hearts, however, fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their minds and hearts even after years.

Us Day News‘ team offers its deepest sympathies to Billy Fuccillo’s family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these tough days. You can share a condolence message below the comment box to honor the car dealer.

Soon after the tragic news released, many of the big car salesman’s friends and fans expressed their sadness on social media by posting their tributes:

A user tweeted, “The man, the myth, the legend. I remember one of the first commercials I saw when I moved here was a Billy Fuccillo car commercial.”

Car Salesman Billy Fuccillo’s Cause of Death, long Illness
Image source: The News-Press

Someone said, “A good man in this community passed away today…. Didn’t know him but from everything I’ve heard today Billy Fuccillo was good people #RIP”

Also another said, “Sorry to hear about Billy Fuccillo. Guy really was HUGE… True story: He was eating in a local Capitol Area diner and overheard some volunteer firemen discussing how they were going to attempt to put a new roof on the house of a recently deceased brother fireman.”

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  1. Dennis June 19, 2021

    RIP Billy … Totally The King Of Cars ..

    1. US day News June 19, 2021

      Thank you Dennis, we appreciate your expression of sympathy and kindness.

  2. Tjc June 20, 2021

    Aaaaannnd his health problem waaassss??????

    1. US day News June 20, 2021

      Dear Tjc, as it is mentioned above, nothing more has been shared by his family and friend. All we know is that Mr. Fuccillo’s health had declined over the past year.

  3. Patricia Kelly-Banks June 20, 2021

    When Billy was able to trade us out of a horribly dangerous defective car we tried to help his health! While he’d steadily decline each time we were at dealerships and auditioning as new spokesmodel,
    I’d relayed sincere concerns. He was such a hard worker and needed to put his health as a priority!
    It broke our hearts being from upstate NY, knowing his family’s dedication of helping many people!
    If we could’ve ever been given a chance of providing integrative items in a faster way, it would have
    made a huge difference with his outcome. Overlooking well-being with stress and pressure he’d put
    himself under eventually took its toll on his immune system. God bless his family’s grief at this time.

    1. US day News June 21, 2021

      Dear Kelly,
      It was very kind of you to acknowledge us, and Thank you so much for your sweet comment. May he rest in heaven’s bosom.

  4. Lisa Tabella June 21, 2021

    RIP Billy “Its gonna be Huge” as your heart was! So sad for family and friends.

  5. Linda June 23, 2021

    Rest In Peace BIlly. Prays for you and your family. Bought 3 cars from him and his son. Billy and Billy Jr kindest salesmen I have ever met. God Bess his Family

  6. Dapperfl ny July 6, 2021

    A true Gentleman a man’s man he did alot for South Florida he will be missed.RIP

    1. US day News July 6, 2021

      Dear Dapperfny, thank you for your kind message and words. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

  7. Robert E Hatch January 14, 2022

    Did not know Mr. Fuccillo but he seemed like a great guy . Loved his TV commercials . He will be missed by people all over the country . May the good Lord grant rest and peace to him .

    1. US day News January 15, 2022

      Dear Robert,
      It’s good to see that Mr. Fuccillo had such lovely fans who will love him so even long after his death. Thank you for your comment, and may he rest easy in grace and love.


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