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Otis Perkins Black Tom Cruise’s Car Accident Led to Death


We are deeply saddened to inform you that powerlifter “Otis Perkins” Black Tom Cruise’s car accident led to his tragic death at 39. May he rest peace.

Otis Perkins, mainly known in the powerlifting community as “Black Tom Cruise,” died from complications from pneumonia on Saturday. He was involved in a car accident on July 11 and sustained major injuries from the crash, and required surgery.

Perkins caught a high fever and ran into complications with his lungs when he was hospitalized. Because of pneumonia, there was not enough air getting to his lungs, and this led to his heart failure. Unfortunately, Perkins passed away on Saturday morning.


The American powerlifter became widely known as one of Larry “Wheels” Williams‘ first training partners. Williams shared the sad news himself in an Instagram post on July 24 and paid tribute to Perkins, but he did not state when Perkins passed away.

“R.I.P @black_tom_cruise. The man brought laughs everywhere he went. Funniest man I ever met. He possessed all the traits of a GREAT friend,” Williams, a powerlifter and friend of Perkins, wrote. “I love him and hold him closer to almost anyone I know. It hurts to accept he’s gone. No matter what life threw at him he kept a smile, and his head held high. Otis Perkins, you will be missed.”

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Black Tom Cruise’s Car Accident Shocked Many Fans

After the sad news of Black Tom Cruise’s car accident was revealed on social media, many fans shared their condolences and paid tribute to the late powerlifter. US day News is working to provide more information and collect the latest updates surrounding Otis Perkins’ death, so stay up with us.

On Sunday, July 11th, Perkins was in a car crash that resulted in his vehicle being flipped while he was inside. The top of the convertible was down, and it resulted in Perkins suffering major injuries to his back and right eye that required surgery.

Larry Williams announced the news of Black Tom Cruise’s accident on Facebook, writing, “Hi, As some of you may or may not know @black_tom_cruise (aka Otis Perkins) was in a major car accident this past weekend. He has had surgery on his back and right eye and is recovering.”

Otis Perkins Black Tom Cruise's Car Accident Led to Death

“The recovery process will be a lengthy one, and we need your help. Please contribute to his Go-Fund-Me account to show your support, and please send prayers and positive vibes his way for a speedy recovery.”

“He is like a brother to me, and it hurts me to see him in this condition. Please share this post! He will be recovering for a long time and will need all the help he can get!” Williams added.

Otis Perkins was born on May 22, 1982, and lived in Brooklyn, NY. He had competed in powerlifting since 2015, and his last competition was the 2020 Heatwave Dead Weight competition as a part of the 140-kilogram class.

The late athlete who was an inspiration and mentor to many only competed in the deadlift portion of the meet and lifted 342.5 kilograms.

Words cannot express our deep sorrow from the heartbreaking loss of Otis. It’s really a difficult time for Perkins’ family and friends, so we ask you all to keep him, his family, his friends, and all of his loved ones in your thoughts during this agonizing time.

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Powerlifter Otis Perkins’ Death Came As a Shock

Powerlifter Otis Perkins’ death came as a shock to many fans. After the heartbreaking news of Otis Perkins’ death came out, his friends and fans paid touching tributes to him and spread their condolence through social media.

Nick Best, American professional strongman competitor and world champion powerlifter, wrote: “Sorry to hear this. You and his family will be in our thoughts and prayers.”

Otis Perkins Black Tom Cruise's Car Accident Led to Death

Michael “Flamesword” Chaves tweeted: “Lost a good one, rest in peace Black Tom Cruise. Mans energy seemed to be unmatched, looked like he elevated everyone around him no matter the situation. Condolences go out to his family and friends.”

“Damn!!! No words!! He was a solid one, and I’m going to miss chopping it up about cars with him,” KC Mitchell, a.k.a. “That 1 Leg Monster” wrote.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Noo ;( one of the role models I look up to just passed away. Rip Black Tom cruise 💔 I’ve been watching every piece of content you put out since I heard about you. Thank you for everything you have done for the people on this planet. I will never forget you. Love you, man.”

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