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Possibilities of Sportscaster Bob Neumeier’s Cause of Death


Many condolences have been shared on social media, announcing the Comcast SportsNet New England anchor’s death on October 23, 2021. Some possibilities have been transferred due to Bob Neumeier’s cause of death. Stay to learn more.

First of all, it needs to be mentioned that no reliable sources have neither shared nor confirmed the tragic News yet; however, Bob Neumeier’s death has been tweeted by many, confirming his death on social media.

As you may already know, Mr. Neumeier used to be the longtime Boston sports television personality and current Comcast SportsNet New England anchor.

“Sad to hear the news about NBCSports’ broadcast legend Bob Neumeier.”

THVRo11yHoyt tweeted: “Very, very sad news to hear of Bob Neumeier’s death. The man hit a life pic-3 almost every day: Got to talk sports, got to play the races, and got to share stories on TV. And was great at it.”

Larry Collmus tweeted that he had lost two friends, Bay Area legend Sam Spear and Boston legend Bob Neumeier on the same day, which is awful news.

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Reality Behind Bob Neumeier’s Cause of Death

The heartfelt news has been shared on social media, claiming the sports anchor, Mr. Neumeier’s death. Nothing has been shared yet, clarifying Bob Neumeier’s cause of death; however, it’s been guessed that Bob’s death was due to a stroke or health issues.

It was shared that he suffered a stroke last Wednesday. It was reported that the racing analyst was hospitalized on October 29 after the stroke. Make sure to check back the US Day News regularly for the latest updates and be the first to know.

After experiencing the stroke, he expressed: “My boss is rooting for my wife and me, she has been such a rock through all of this, is rooting for me, and my colleagues are rooting for me and friends and viewers, and I don’t know what to say but thanks. I say thanks. Thanks. I’m keeping on.”

He also appeared at the Boston Globe Sportsplus show on NESN as the host, being a regular contributor on racing issues for MSNBC.COM, besides working for NBC at the Turin Olympics.

Also, Mr. Neumeier returned to WEEI as a guest host on the Dennis and Callahan show, sitting in for ailing co-host Gerry Callahan back in June 2007.

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More About NBCSports Broadcast Legend

The beloved anchor was initially from Weymouth, Massachusetts. He achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in television and radio, graduated from Syracuse University.

Salvatore Carcia commented: “for the loss of your friend, Sam Spear. Sad to hear about Bob Neumeier. Bob was well-loved here by the sports fans and most beloved by the horseplayers. He was always a gentleman.”

A fan tweeted: “Long time WBZ sports anchor and avid Horseplayer and racing analyst Bob Neumeier passed away yesterday October 23, 2021. “Neumi” as he was affectionately known, was a very good handicapper and journalist. His wit and journalistic integrity will be greatly missed. RIP Neumi.”

Another wrote: “Very sad news this morning. New England sportscaster and former NBC horseracing analyst Bob Neumeier passed away yesterday. Loved his Breeders Cup interviews and analysis. The pride of Weymouth, Massachusetts, he will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Neumei… @SPNnation74.”

May he rest easy in grace and love and be remembered fondly. Please write your condolence for us as it will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times.

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Mr. Neumeier started his career in broadcasting began on WTIC based in Hartford, Connect, began to work alongside Bill Rasmussen and Larry Pleau.

According to sources, among their calls, there was the famous Brawl at the Mall in April 1975 during a playoff series with the Minnesota Fighting Saints. During that time, he had worked as an anchor-reporter for WFSB television.

Throughout his career, Bob had covered the Tour de France for CBS as well as the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes for NBC and ESPN.

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What We Know of Bob Neumeier’s Stroke

After suffering from a stroke, one that required 5½ hours of surgery, he appeared nervous on-air in October. He explained later: “I was really nervous. I didn’t think there would be (butterflies), but there were.”

He expressed: “There’s a lot of people involved here, colleagues and cohorts. They have an eye out to see how I’m doing. Viewers have an eye out. People are saying, ‘What is he doing? What does he sound like? What does he look like?”

Mr. Neumeier added: “I didn’t want it to be a freak show, not that it would have been. I just wanted it to be seamless. Maybe they missed me, maybe they didn’t, but I wanted [viewers to think] my work would be the same. Maybe even better. That was how I thought about it.”

Later on, he explained that he just wanted to show up and do his job again, which hopefully appeared to be delightful for everyone. That’s how he wanted to do it, reminding that experience helps as he has done it for a long time.

It’s said that he had visited some neurologists during his recovery, chatted at length with Dr. Aman B. Patel, who performed the surgery; although, he had no will to learn the details of what happened to him.

Instead of what had happened to him, he expressed himself by saying that he had a surgeon operating on his brain that lasted for six hours: “One false move and I’m gone. What else is there to know?”

He said that he’s not interested at all to see the brain scan: “It’s right there on the computer, but I don’t want to see what happened. I don’t want to see what caused it. I don’t want any part of it.”

The sports anchor explained that was why getting back was so emotional for him besides making him nervous. He said that experience led him to appreciate things you might have taken for granted.

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  1. steve lowe October 24, 2021

    So sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. Bob and I shared a love of sports while we worked our way thru Weymouth high school. we both wrote for the school yearbook and magazine and hitch-hiked our way to numerous away games. Bob knew exactly what he wanted to do (sports journalism) and he set a course for himself to achieve that goal. Syracuse University, radio broadcaster for the Hartford Whalers, WBZ television, WEEI sports Radio, national TV horseracing expert, Bob lived his life the way that he dreamed it back in the 1960’s.

    1. US day News October 25, 2021

      Dear Steve,
      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We genuinely appreciated your kind words. May he rest easy in grace and love.


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