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Memphis Radio Legend Bobby O’Jay’s Unexpetced Death at 68


With the most profound sorrow, we have to inform you of the legendary Memphis radio icon, Bobby O’Jay’s death on May 3, 2022. He passed away in the morning, at 68. The cause has not been come out yet.

Must be noted that the US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. Just in case you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

The radio icon was born in Batesville, Mississippi, in 1953. After spending his early years in the radio business in Montgomery, Alabama, he became a member of the WDIA in Memphis in 1983.

He was inducted into the Tennessee Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2021 which later led him for being nominated to the National Broadcasting Hall of Fame. He was also recognized by iHeartMedia Memphis in 2018.

Serving as a PD/air personality since 1983, Mr. O’Jay had been a fixture on WDIA, MILWAUKEE, HOUSTON, DALLAS, and WBMX/CHICAGO are included in his radio career.

We are informed of the Memphis radio icon, Bobby O'Jay's death on May 3, 2022

Following his personal life, it’s said that the radio personality has frequently talked about his wife, Sharon, on-air at WDIA. Bobby was inseparable from his beloved wife. Sharon was his other half.

According to close sources, those who were close to them would know that the lovely couple meant the world to each other. His wife’s opinion meant a lot to him and to WDIA listeners.

As Devin Steel said once, people felt like Sharon was considered to be a part of the radio station and listeners were willing to know her as well.

Mr. steel who had known the pair for almost 20 years shared a few more details about their relationship by saying that she would talk from a woman’s perspective at the time she was on the radio with Bobby.

In Mr. David’s point of view, the lovely couple had a very private personal life which was of course respected by a lot of people and looked up to. Mr. Steel referred to Mrs. Sharon as a humble and class-act type person.

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World Mourns Bobby O’Jay’s Sudden Death

Bobby O’Jay’s death was confirmed by Radio host Bev Johnson to WREG, who shared he passed away on the job. When O’Jay turned on the phone line at 9 a.m., the radio station was playing music.

Jesse Tisdale Jr. tweeted: “@WDIAMemphis Rest In Peace to the Iconic Memphis Dj Bobby O’ Jay. Condolences to his whole family during your time of loss. May GOD continually comfort you all daily. Mr. O’Jay will truly be missed. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #Memphis Legend.”

One expressed: “My condolences to Bobby O’Jay and family. He always spoke highly of his wife and you could always hear the love he has for her. RIP Sharon.”

One commented: “Local legendary DJ – Bobby O’Jay has passed – prayers up for a Memphis legend…it was sudden- he was on the radio this morning.”

A fan wrote: “@EnaEsco can you link your episode of Verbally Effective with BobbyO’Jay? I really enjoyed it and it might be good for everyone to listen. RIP BobbyO’Jay.”

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