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What Happened to MX-80 Sound? Bruce Anderson’s Cause of Death


It’s with the most profound sorrow to announce on January 12, 2022, that The guitarist and co-founder of Indiana art-rock greats MX-80 passed away. The heartfelt news has shaken many souls; But what happened? The story behind Bruce Anderson’s cause of death is yet untold but stay to learn about his life and career.

MX-80 also goes by the name MX-80 Sound, which is an eclectic American art-rock band founded in 1974 by Mr. Anderson. MX-80’s signature sound consisted of breakneck metallic guitar combined with cross-rhythmic percussion, atonal chord structure, and dispassionate vocals.

It’s considered one of the most out-of-step but prescient bands of its time. The band has been labeled noise rock, post-punk, acid punk, and heavy-metal MX-80’s sonic melange set the stage for Swans, Sonic Youth, Codeine, and Shellac notoriously difficult to categorize.

Besides Mr. Anderson, the band is included Dale Sophiea (bass). Sophia and Anderson, former members of Bloomington’s Screaming Gypsy Bandits, and in 1975 two drummers, Jeff Armour and Kevin Teare, were added.

MX-80 performed a regular series of Sunday concerts at the Monroe County public library, tracks of which were later compiled on CD, unable to obtain gigs in most local music venues.

The band’s first studio, Big Hits: Hard Pop From The Hoosiers (Bar-B-Q Records 1976), was recorded at Gilfoy Studios, produced by Mark Bingham and engineered by Mark Hood.

To name a few of their works:

  • Hard Attack (1977)
  • Out of the Tunnel (1980)
  • Crowd Control (1981)
  • Das Love Boat (1990)
  • I’ve Seen Enough (1995)
  • We’re an American Band (2005)
  • Hougher House (2021)
  • Better Than Life (Summer 2022)

Do you have any more details due to the heartfelt News? Did you know him or have close relations? Are you a fan or a friend? Please help us write a better, more reliable article by sharing your information with us.

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Behind Shadows Bruce Anderson’s Cause of Death

Nothing yet has been shared clarifying Bruce Anderson’s cause of death. May he be remembered fondly, and may God help his friends and family to get through such difficult times.

Since the heartfelt icame out, many have been sharing their condolences through social media. We learned the news by a tweet from Yo La Tengo: “RIP Bruce Anderson #MX80.”

Amoeba Music tweeted: “Rest In Peace, Bruce Anderson, a longtime Amoebite who worked with us in the Bay Area for over 25 years. Bruce was a guitarist with MX-80 & many others. No one sounded like him. We were lucky to be graced with decades of his wit, grace & friendship, and we will miss him dearly.”

A fan expressed: “Bruce Anderson was an amazing, gifted, inventive guitarist but an even better person. He was a friend, one of my husband’s musical mentors and collaborators, and just a wonderful guy. We’re going to miss him. My love to Meredith and all in the MX family.”

David Grubbs shared: “Why are we here if we’re just going to disappear?” RIP Bruce Anderson, brilliant and immediately recognizable guitarist of MX-80 Sound.”

One commented: “Rest in Peace, dear musical brother and mentor Bruce Anderson. I’m going to miss him so much. It’s very hard to put into words what I’m feeling. We spent so much time together playing in his improv groups, rehearsals, and MX80. He was an incredible musician and a real sweetheart.”

Jive Time Records shared: “RIP, Bruce Anderson, powerful and inventive guitarist for noisy rock margin-walkers MX-80 Sound. Check out Hard Attack, Out Of The Tunnel, Big Hits, and Crowd Control & Anderson’s 1995 solo joint Brutality for further enlightenment.”

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  1. Dave Schinbeckler January 19, 2022

    Sad, sad news. Bruce and Andrea were good friends back in the 70’s when we lived in Bloomington. I was a guitar tech and brought him interesting guitars from time to time, most of which he bought on the spot. Bruce was a quiet, thoughtful virtuoso whose effortless chops just left you shaking your head in disbelief. When John McLaughlin walked up to Bruce after a set and says “Pretty good, kid.”, you know it’s not just you. He will be missed by all hew new him.

    1. US day News January 19, 2022

      Dear Dave,
      Thank you for sharing your experience and kind words with us. It’s nice to read comments from his fans and friends who will always love and remember him fondly even long after his death. Mr. Anderson will be missed, indeed.

  2. TERRY DAUGHERTY February 19, 2022

    A few years back a group of my college friends were together for a small reunion get together. we were setting in the room with guitars and jamming an talking . The subject got around to the concerts out in Dunn Meadow on IU campus. The tremendous people who performed, especially the The Screaming Gypsies, which is what we called them. Quickly the topic of Bruce Anderson came up and how he was such a legend in their minds. He was the guy they all emulated in their playing. They all ended up starting their own band later in college. I was amazed that they still had such a strong memory of his amazing talent.

    1. US day News February 20, 2022

      Dear Terry,
      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It’s appreciated. He truly sounds like a legend. May he rest in peace.


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