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What’s Hum Band’s Drummer Bryan St. Pere’s Cause of Death?


The tragedy behind Hum Band’s drummer Bryan St. Pere’s cause of death is still unknown after he passed away on Thursday morning ( July 1, 2021) at the age of 52. May he rest in paradise.

HUM has shared and confirmed the very heartbreaking news this morning that drummer Bryan St. Pere lost his life, writing on Twitter, “It is with very heavy hearts and tear filled eyes that we share the news that our beloved friend and bandmate, Bryan St. Pere, has passed away.”

Also, the post read, “We are devastated and deeply saddened by his sudden and unexpected passing. Bryan was a dear friend, a loving father, brother, and was an incredible person and musician.”

The tragedy behind Hum Band's drummer Bryan St. Pere's cause of death is still unknown
Image source: Youtube

Adding, “We all feel extremely lucky to have shared time and space with him. Peace and love to all who knew Bryan, and those he touched. We will miss him dearly.”

Bryan St. Pere entered the band Hum in 1990; after the legend goes, he was heard drumming along to Rush as bandmembers passed by his apartment window. He sat out their 2015 tour; however, he later came back and starred on their great 2020 return, Inlet. He’s also filled in as the drummer for Steakdaddy Six and Castor.

The legend became interested in drums when he was so young; He previously told The Trap Set podcast that he admired Rush’s Neil Peart so much that he managed Pert Plus shampoo growing up. 

The new band Hum, which was formed in 2020, invited him to enter the band after hearing one of his works and a Rush album out his window when he was’ graduating with his biology degree in 1990 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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Story Behind Hum Drummer Bryan St. Pere’s Cause of Death

Although there is no official report about drummer Bryan St. Pere’s cause of death or even the death place at this time, US day News‘ team is trying to find the latest updates and more related information. Stay with us.

Following publishing their first albums, 1991’s Fillet Show and 1993’s Electra 2000, the band inked to RCA within the independent label 12 Inch Records. Also, their next album, 1995’s You’d Prefer An Astronaut, spun off the alt-rock radio hit “Stars.”

Soon after their publication the authoritative Downward Is Heavenward in 1998 before splitting at the end of 2000 due to weak sales and a van crash. St. Pere spent years proceeding a career in the healthcare industry before returning to Hum for many reunions during the early 21st century.

The tragedy behind Hum Band's drummer Bryan St. Pere's cause of death is still unknown
Image source: Twitter

Nevertheless, Shiner’s Jason Gerken replaced with him on Hum’s 2015 tour, St. Pere joined the band again to record last year’s phenomenal reunion album Inlet. He was also a band Amblare and has filled in on drums for Steakdaddy Six and Castor.

Reactions to Death of Bryan St. Pere

Celebrities’ death news breaks many hearts, however, fans kindly remember late famous characters’ memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after years.

Someone wrote, “Bryan St. Pere, drummer of HUM just passed away. this has really bummed me. HUM was always one of my favorites. Can you play “I’d Like Your Hair Long” pretty please. the time signatures were so great.”

Another wrote, “Thanks for mending my broken heart, Bryan St. Pere. You’ll be missed. RIP.” while one said, “Incredibly sad news, Bryan St Pere from one of my favorite 90s bands, HUM, has passed away. RIP. He was a beast behind the kit.”

A user tweeted, “Further thoughts about Bryan St. Pere: my high school band covered “I Hate It Too,” per the suggestion of our singer. I listened to You’d Prefer an Astronaut over and over, marveling at his fills and trying to figure out how to play them. When @CavedRyan wanted to cover “Stars” for his birthday (which led to the formation of @caved_mountains), I was so excited to play all of those fills. I realized all those years of air drumming did not make those fills come easy.”

The tragedy behind Hum Band's drummer Bryan St. Pere's cause of death is still unknown
Image source: Music Feeds

He added, “When Inlet was released last year without much warning, as soon as I heard Bryan’s drumming on “Waves,” I knew we were in store for something great. (It’s my favorite Hum LP from start to finish.)”

In the end, he announced, “I know his name is not as well known as Grohl or Chamberlin, but he’s always been up there as far as drummers from my high school years that still inspire me.”

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