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Rumors Behind Blues Music Legend Carol Fran’s Cause of Death


Louisiana blues singer, composer, and pianist Carol Fran died Wednesday, September 1, at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center. Carol Fran’s cause of death has not been officially announced.

According to Downbeat Magazine, who interviewed the singer last month about the cancellation of Jazz Fest, she had recently battled COVID-19. Several sources reported that Carol succumbed to double pneumonia.

“Truthfully, no, I don’t. I didn’t want them to postpone it. I’m ready to go to work. You know I’ve been away from work for a long time,” The artist told Downbeat when asked if she believed organizers should have canceled Jazz Fest.

Rumors Behind Blues Music Legend Carol Fran's Cause of Death
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Fran’s sister, Lexie George, said Thursday: “My sister had a way of touching the life of anybody she came in the contact with. Once you met her, you never forgot her.”

Carol Fran was born on October 23, 1933, in Lafayette, Louisiana, and was known as a soul blues singer, songwriter, and pianist. Fran also gained fame for her string of single releases in the 1950s and 1960s.

Fran released five solo albums since 1992, and her final collaboration was with Hollimon being on JSP Records.

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What was Carol Fran’s Cause of Death?

While many fans are searching for Carol Fran’s cause of death, there isn’t any official detail surrounding her death cause. Her family also has not released any statement surrounding Carol’s death cause at this time.

US day News is working to provide more information and collect the latest updates surrounding Carol Fran’s death, so stay up with us.

In 2013, Carol Fran was named a National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellow. Her honors include the 2006 Louisiana Governors Arts Awards Folk Artist of the Year award, the 2012 Slim Harpo Music Awards Legends Award, and Blues Music Awards nominations from the Memphis-based Blues Foundation.

Rumors Behind Blues Music Legend Carol Fran's Cause of Death
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Carol moved to New Orleans and married a saxophone player, Bob Francois. Her debut single was “Emmitt Lee,” which was recorded in 1957 and released by Excello Records.

Fran cooperated with Guitar Slim, and after Slim’s death in 1959, she sang alongside Lee Dorsey, Nappy Brown, and Joe Tex.

She suffered a stroke in 2007, but she bravely returned to the stage just a few months after. According to John Williams, that refusal to stop was part of Carol’s character.

“She was unapologetically herself. She showed people what it meant to be yourself. She was a beautiful woman, a hard woman. In that time and era, she had to be hard, but she taught so much,” Williams said.

“She taught everybody everything. The way she commanded the band, the way she handled her businesses. She gave her mom credit for how she handled her career. The way she served her family. She taught people in this industry how to be strong,” he concluded.

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts, but fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death.

Reactions to Carol Fran’s Death

Shortly after the heartbreaking news of Carol Fran’s death came out, devastated fans and friends paid touching tributes to her and spread their condolence through social media.

Rumors Behind Blues Music Legend Carol Fran's Cause of Death
Image Source: National Endowment for the Arts

Michael Corcoran Wrote on Twitter: The great blues singer Carol Fran has passed away in Lafayette, LA, at age 87. Recorded for Excello in the ’50s and made some great records on Blacktop with husband Clarence Hollimon.”

Former music promoter Brenda Andrus and Local jazz singer Patsy Bienvenu also paid touching tributes to the legendary lady of soul, blues, and jazz.

Andrus said: “She did so much with musicians, played places for us, and when asked how much she said you know you can’t afford me, girl! You can’t afford me, but I’m going to do that because I want the children to know who I am, and they can do it too.”

Pasty Bienvenu said she has many great memories of Carol. “They said that she was a wonderful singer, and she traveled the world, and everybody knew her. She had written all these wonderful songs, and when she came to the house and told all these stories, that is what I think I loved most about her.”

It is a difficult time for Fran’s family and friends. Words cannot express our deep sorrow from the passing of the legendary singer, and we ask you all to keep Carol, her family, her friends, and all of her loved ones in your thoughts through this agonizing time.

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