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What Led to Trailblazing Journalist Caroline Jones’s Death at 84?


With a heavy heart, we have to announce that an icon of Australian journalism and ABC, Caroline Jones’s death was announced on Friday, May 20, 2022. aged 84. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

Caroline Mary James was born on January 1, 1938, in Australia.

She always wanted to be a journalist but it took her a good long while before she actually got into it. The reason she wanted this career was her grandfather Ashley Pountney who was the son of a convict and he became the editor of some of the first newspapers in the north in northwest news.

We are sad to announce to you that an icon, Caroline Jones's death was reported on May 20, 2022. Her loved ones are heartbroken.

Jones started her career in 1963 by joining the ABC. She worked on the ABC’s profile series Australian Story from the beginning of the show in 1996 to her retirement in 2016.

When she only had 31years old, she was the first woman reporter on This Day Tonight and the first woman to anchor Four Corners from 1972 to 1981.

We believe that Caroline was an influential voice for many Australians and she served ABC audiences with distinction and class.

In 1988, Jones produced some cultural and current affairs programs when she worked alongside Aboriginal broadcasters at Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association in Alice Springs.

In that exact year, she was nominated an Ambassador for Reconciliation by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.

If we want to check her career in Bibliography, they are:

  • In 1989 The Search For Meaning, ABC and Collins Dove
  • In 1990 The Search For Meaning, Volume 2, ABC and Collins Dove
  • In 1992 The Search For Meaning – Conversations with Caroline Jones, ABC Books
  • In 1995 The Search For Meaning Collection, ABC Books
  • In 1998 and 2005 An Authentic Life: Finding meaning and spirituality in everyday life. ABC Books
  • In 2009 Through a Glass Darkly: A Journey of Love and Grief with My Father, ABC Books

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In 1988, Jones was made an Officer of the order of Australia after she published a number of books including a bestseller.

At the beginning of her career, She married and divorced. There is no specific information about her husband even his name also in the 1960s she made a decision not to have children. Caroline added in an interview with Newcastle Herald: “I just made a choice, and it was the right decision for me but now you see, women naturally want a family life, and I sometimes think it’s at great cost and strain.” 

Jones was a campaigner for Indigenous rights and won a lot of awards for her work in journalism that are noted:

  • Logie award
  • Several Australian Media Peace Prize gold citations
  • Officer of the Order of Australia
  • Archbishop of Sydney Citation
  • A foundation member of the Australian Council for the Arts and also the National Films Board of Review
  • An Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of the Sunshine Coast and the University of Sydney in different years

In December 2016, she announced that she would leave the ABC and step down from her role on ”Australian Story”, Caroline Jones also confirmed that she would not be retiring.

We are sad to announce to you that an icon, Caroline Jones's death was reported on May 20, 2022. Her loved ones are heartbroken.

Fans Mourn Over Caroline Jones’s death

Some reports claim that the reason for Caroline Jones’s death is falling at her Sydney home.

”This really is the saddest, saddest news. Thank you Caroline for blazing the trail for us all. For always being so good at what you did. And for being such an utterly delightful human being. Vale Splendid Woman” Laura Tingle tweeted.

Some of her friends Thanked latingle As an utterly loyal ABCNetwork watcher and listener of most of her 65 years and said that he grew up with the utterly decent and inquisitive Caroline Jones. ”A thoroughly decent person! Vale”.

Jane Caro shared her sympathy: ”Caroline Jones has died. She was one of the few prominent women who shone during my childhood & adolescence. In later life, I got to meet her a few times. I was overwhelmed because she had always represented my intelligence, grace & dignity. A woman to be taken seriously”.

Zoe Daniel said: ”Caroline Jones, always a role model for me, launched my first book, Storyteller, in 2014. Caroline was a trailblazer for women like me, and then she lifted me up. I hope to honor your grit Caroline, tomorrow. Rest In Peace, my brave friend. Your legacy lives”.

We send our condolence to her loved ones and fans.

Fans believe that she was a wonderful human and dedicated, giving mentor to countless young journalists – particularly women – her whole life. What a wonderful legacy. May she rest in peace.

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Caroline Jones During Ups and Downs of Her Career

When she left school, she was 17 and tramped around all the papers and magazines trying to get a cadetship but she failed and she thought she didn’t look or sound as had much drive and so nobody took her on.

So the next six years of her life really spent doing different jobs going overseas, working there, and gaining different experiences.

We are sad to announce to you that an icon, Caroline Jones's death was reported on May 20, 2022. Her loved ones are heartbroken.

Jones went to university for a time but did not complete a degree so it wasn’t until she was in her mid-20s that was working in an office in Canberra in one of the commonwealth hostels and the daughter of the manager there already had a part-time job at the ABC television which was just starting in Canberra.

The radio had been going for years but they were just starting television and the manager’s daughter said to her they are looking for people to start training and suggest Caroline go for it.

Then she started training in Canberra. Jones learned a bit of everything like:

  • answering the phone
  • learning makeup to do the weber man
  • gradually learning some interviewing
  • being set out on jobs and…

After that she was invited to go to Sydney to join the state program which was something well it was a pioneering current affairs program and for her, that was a big deal to be asked to go there especially since they were all men and it was a team of very competitive young men.

for five years she was in that job and then Jones was invited to go to join four corners. Again the only woman among a team of men was her so she said that in a way I was in the right place at the right time I think I’m very grateful for that.

She was actually given her opportunities by men because men were in charge of everything so it was men who had to open the door for her but she learned a lot of things from them like telling stories with pictures and …

Despite all these Jones hoped that the world opens the door for other women and at that time ”she is very very happy”.

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