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Is Christian Eriksen Dead? Fortunately, No! Stable Condition Reported


Latest Update: Christian Eriksen’s condition is reportedly stable! Our thoughts and prayers are with him. Get well soon Christian Eriksen.

Worried fans ask Is Christian Eriksen dead after he suddenly collapsed to the field in the first half of Denmark vs. Finland game at Euro 2020 on Saturday (June 12).

The 29-year-old star of Inter Milan was walking alone near the sideline in about 42 minutes of the game when he seemed to stumble and then fainted. His teammates quickly sensed urgent trouble and waved frantically for trainers to rush to his help.

Worried fans are asking Is Christian Eriksen dead after he suddenly collapsed to the field
Friends. Team mates. Heroes. Humans!
Image souece: CNN

Some of them in tears formed a group to shield Eriksen and the medical teams while officials were performing chest compressions on the player near the sideline.

As Danish players and their fans were visibly distressed as Eriksen was treated, and it caused many to doubt that he is dead. However, no official has yet confirmed the rumor of Christian Eriksen’s death.

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Is Christian Eriksen Dead or Alive?

Approximately 40 after the start of the game, Christian Eriksen collapsed at the touchline with no players around him. Referee Anthony Taylor and both sets of players saw the severity of the issue immediately and called on the medical staff.

Eriksen looked to be receiving CPR from the medical staff and electronic shocks. Eriksen has been receiving treatment for around 10 minutes. Finland’s players are now going to their dressing room, while Denmark’s players, visibly emotional, formed a wall around the scene.

Worried fans are asking Is Christian Eriksen dead after he suddenly collapsed to the field

Christian Eriksen being stretchered off the field, it still remains unclear if he has been resuscitated.

What Happened to Christian Eriksen?

While all are asking about the horrific incident that led to the game’s stop, some believe Christian Eriksen’s heart attack on pitch caused his health problem, however, US day News can not confirm these rumors.

There were visible efforts from the medical staff to resuscitate Eriksen with CPR and a defibrillator after he fell to the ground during a throw-in, shortly before the end of the first half.

Christian Eriksen’s Collapsing Video:

Christian Eriksen’s collapsing video

His Danish teammates formed a wall around to protect the Inter Milan star from view as he was receiving treatment. Players from both teams, as well as fans in the stadium, were visibly distressed as Eriksen was being attended to by medics.”

Good News: Christian Eriksen’s Condition is Stable

The UEFA EURO 2020 match in Copenhagen has been suspended due to a medical emergency,” UEFA reported on Twitter.

Eriksen has finally stretchered off the pitch following several horrific minutes, guarded against view by the medics holding up blankets. According to official reports, Eriksen’s current condition is stable.

Worries about Christian Eriksen Stats

Fear of sorrow and doubt moments were finally ended, and sources announced Christian Eriksen is alive! However, fans are still asking about Christian Eriksen’s stats in detail. They want to become sure that he is in good condition!

However, the good news was received even sooner when a photographer witnessed Eriksen raise his arm as he was carried off the pitch and was conscious.

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Reactions to Christian Eriksen’s Collapsing

Soon after the heartbreaking incident, social media exploded with fans and friends’ reactions. They were worry! They are still worried about this young man. Let’s see some of the tweets:

Someone wrote, “A soccer player halfway around the world collapsed. Medical people were able to bring #christianeriksen back. It was unbelievably great and I‘m still so thrilled. This painting is meant to honor him, family, friends, and teammates. For myself I thank God!”

Some tensed moments for football fans all over the world

Another said, “It always takes something as serious as #christianeriksen collapsing on the pitch or a player dying to bring everyone together! Just hold on to that feeling and how it feels…That’s how we should be all the time! #kickracismoutoffootball I hope @ChrisEriksen8 is doing well”

A user tweeted, “Prayers for #christianeriksen Emotional scenes today but pleased to hear he is awake and stabilised. Thoughts with his family, friends and team.”

Christian Eriksen's condition is reportedly stable! Our thoughts and prayers are with him. Get well soon Christian Eriksen.
Eriksen lives with his wife, Sabrina Kvist Jensen. They shared two children: Alfred and another child. His younger sister Louise Eriksen additionally plays football and is the captain for KoldingQ in the Elitedivisionen.
Image source: Twitter

Also, a user reacted to the pleasant news, saying, “So so glad to hear these encouraging words from the Danish FA that #Christianeriksen is stabilized & awake. Hope he makes a full recovery. So much admiration for the medical team, the players, staff & referee that helped save his life. Amazing”

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  1. Another victim of Covid Vaccination. Many such cases.

  2. Kalervo June 12, 2021

    Hope he will be OK. I wonder if he has taken the covid vaccine. That has happened to people who took the shot and not survive.


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