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Verona and Naples Goalkeeper Claudio Garella’s Cause of Death


We are saddened to announce the heartbreaking news that on August 12, 2022, a well-known goalkeeper of Verona and Napoli passed away. Claudio Garella’s cause of death was related to health-related problems. May he rest in peace.

He was born on May 16, 1955, in Turin, Italy. He first started playing football with Auxilium Monterosa, before joining the Torino youth system. Claudio Garella won 2 Scudetti in two teams that had previously never won it: Verona in 1985 and Napoli two years later.

He was a magnificent and excellent player once more throughout the Eighties and during his career, he was successful to gain an unlimited amount of establishment and fame. He was worthwhile and earned a massive amount of followers and admirers all throughout his occupation.

On August 12, an Italian professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper left us behind. Claudio Garella's cause of death was announced.

When he passed away no one thought that he’ll stop responding to the treatment and all people, fans, and loved ones, believed that he’ll get higher after his surgical process nevertheless his physique couldn’t revive after the crucial coronary heart surgical process.

He was remembered and regarded as one of the most outstanding gamers of the 1980s. During his fruitful career as a footballer, he achieved many titles and levels of recognition and because of being a deserving and talented man, he attracted countless fans and lovers.

It was in the summer of 1985 when he arrived in Naples, at the dawn of the radiant Maradonian era. He played 3 seasons in the Azzurri which led to won the tricolor and the Coppa Italia. Garella had a unique and unmistakable style and due to that he was Nicknamed “Garellik,”.

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Claudio Garella’s Cause of Death

Claudio Garella’s cause of death was announced this morning after he left this world. Although the details about his sudden and unfortunate demise has shattered all people.

It has been reported that Claudio Garella was going through the use of a primary coronary heart surgical process and research has claimed that Claudio passed away after going through all the hard and risky surgical procedures. 

It must be noted that US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information about Claudio Garella’s cause of death. Please let us know if you read incorrect details or learn more information.

On August 12, an Italian professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper left us behind. Claudio Garella's cause of death was announced.

These late years, he had some health-related problems, especially in the earlier days and he was going by to use different treatments and was admitted to the hospital but sadly none of them worked out.

On social media, messages of condolences were sent to Claudio Garella’s family and loved ones. His friends shared their sadness through their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. May he rest in peace.

Raffaele Rispo shared on his social media: “I still haven’t had a chance to tweet about this. Claudio Garella was a magnificent keeper who has the distinct honor of having won the only Scudetto in Verona history, then only two years later, won the 1st ever Napoli Scudetto (and 3rd ever doppietta in history).”

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