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CPO BOSS HOGG’s Cause of Death: Victim of Health Issues?


Condolences have been made, informing us of the beloved rapper’s death on January 13, 2022. The heartfelt news has shaken many souls; But what happened? The story behind CPO BOSS HOGG’s cause of death is yet untold. Stay with us.

At first, it needs to be mentioned that the Us Day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information, although it’s what’s been shared through social media.

As you may already know, CPO Boss Hogg was at the epicenter of the 1990s West Coast Hip-Hop movement as well as being the MC Ren’s proteges during the pinnacle of N.W.A.

For releasing the 1990s To Hell And Black, Ren brought Capital +Punishment Organization to Capitol Records. Noted, the rapper made an appearance shortly on N.W.A.’s sophomore set via the raunchy “Findum, F*ckem, and Flee.”

CPO BOSS HOGG's Cause of Death: Victim of Health Issues?

According to a source, CPO adopted the moniker from the group he formed with DJ Train and Young D in the following years. CPO left Capitol after one album to end on Death Row Records by the mid-1990s.

It’s said that Dr. Dre and Suge Knight founded the label, two men that were shouted out on To Hell And Black, along with N.W.A. and The D.O.C. CPO appeared on soundtrack songs from 1994’s Above The Rim and Murder Was The Case at the new West Coast power-house.

1996’s diamond-certified All Eyez On Me; however, his most significant break came courtesy of Tupac Shakur’s debut with the label. Pac and CPO had enjoyed a few brief exchanges before the Thug Life leader joined Tha Row.

Do you have any more details due to the heartfelt News? Did you know him or have close relations? Are you a fan or a friend? Please help us write a better, more reliable article by sharing your information with us.

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Behind Shadows CPO BOSS HOGG’s Cause of Death

Nothing yet has been shared clarifyingCPO BOSS HOGG’s cause of death, although several sources have claimed that his death occurred after suffering from health problems.

According to those sources, CPO had posted about his ongoing health battles on social media; this is while back in 2010, he survived congestive heart failure.

Since the heartfelt news is out, many have shared their condolences through social media. One fan wrote: “My real hip hop heads are already in the know on this brother’s immense talent. For everyone else.. get familiar. Rip to CPO Boss Hogg.”

CPO BOSS HOGG's Cause of Death: Victim of Health Issues?

Another commented: “CPOBoss Hogg@VinceEdwards9 album To Hell & Black is a West Coast classic. A stone-cold banger. I keep Ballad of A Menace in rotation. Rest well, good brother. I’m glad through Twitter, I was able to connect and let you know how I feel. #RIPCPO#WestCoastHipHop#RIPBossHogg.”

One expressed: “Damn! Now both of these dudes are gone. RIP CPOBoss Hogg. What a unique flow & vocal tone he had. This is probably one of my all-time favorite West coast joints EVER #SlipCapone#CPOBossHogg#TheEulogy.”

A Twitter account wrote: “CPO Boss Hogg Has Passed Away One of the greatest most underrated MC’s to come from the West Coast. His debut To Hell And Black is still a Classic to me.”

The tragic news due to the rapper’s death was announced by his friend Chad Kiser, who is a journalist, and past Ambrosia For Heads contributor. May he be remembered fondly, and may God help his friends and family to get through such difficult times.

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