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Day of Sorrow; Influencer Dagny Carlsson’s Death At Age 109


Condolences have been made, informing us that sadly the lovely influencer is not among us anymore. Dagny Carlsson’s death has been announced and confirmed on March 24, 2022, bringing tears to family, friends, and fans.

Before anything else, you may want to take a quick read on her personal life and career.

Born on 8 May 1912, this beloved Swedish lady gained much fame as a centenarian blogger and influencer. She once said: “When I didn’t die at 100, I started living instead.”

Dagny Carlsson was married to Ragnar Norling between 1942 and 1951. She got married one after that to Harry Carlsson from 1951 until his death. Cancer is under blame for his death in 2004.

Day of Sorrow; Influencer Dagny Carlsson's Death At Age 109

As of January 2022, she was considered one of the oldest people in Sweden. Beloved Carlsson supported the Me Too movement

Calling herself Bojan on her blog, the angel started working as a seamstress at a factory at a young age and as the time passed, she found herself studying at a textile institute in Norrköping.

By the time she was 99 years old, Dagny went to a class in computing to learn more about it and became known in media for her high age and her blogging when she turned 100.

On the question about what makes a long life, she has answered good genes and curiosity. Carlsson served as the leader at a corset factory in Sundbyberg, and she worked at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency for the last fifteen years of her work-life.

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Behind Dagny Carlsson’s Sudden Death

Before Dagny Carlsson‘s death, it was announced last autumn that Dagny has lived in a nursing home ever since. Her friend, Elena Ström, shared: “After the circumstances, she is 109, she is alert and very happy.”

“She was a person who never stopped living, who took life as the fantastic gift it is. She has been such a role model for so many,” said another of her good friends, Suzanne Axell.

As the heartbreaking news came out, many have been sending sympathies and condolences through social media.

One wrote: “Dagny Carlsson was born just after the Titanic had sunk before Sweden was a democracy when Austria was one of Europe’s largest countries and before Finland even existed as a country. Puts her respectable age in perspective…”

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Another tweeted: “Rest in peace Dagny Carlsson. What joy you spread and shared with you to lots of people. I will remember you with a pure heart.”

A fan expressed: “Sweden’s oldest blogger and influencer, Dagny Carlsson, has passed away at age 109. She started posting at age 93 after her husband died. Her last post was on 28 January this year: “Like a cat, I’ve got 9 lives, but what will I use so much life for.” #Sweden #influencer.”

One commented: “On Thursday, the sad news came that the blogger Dagny Carlsson, 109, has passed away. She would have turned 110 in May, but actually got to celebrate her birthday anyway, a little in advance at the nursing home recently.”

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