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The Star Dakota Skye’s Cause of Sudden Death is Unknown


The former AVN winner passed away. Dakota Skye’s cause of death is unknown after her death news was revealed by her aunt on the star’s Facebook.

Her family needs privacy; please respect them during this difficult time. Familiar sources mentioned that personal struggles in her private life had plagued her. Most recently, she had expressed anger and frustration at being targeted by abusive online trolls.

Her aunt posted on Facebook: “This is truly a tragedy. If you are suffering from addiction, I beg you to get help!”

Dakota Skye died unexpectedly at the young age

Dakota Skye, whose real name was Lauren Scott, was found dead on June 9 at her motorhome in Los Angeles, California.

Her mother died two years ago “caused by Addiction & Alcoholism. Lauren was a product of a highly dysfunctional family involving drugs, alcohol, physical, emotional, verbal & sexual abuse,” Skye’s family revealed.

Her aunt Linda Arden said: “R.I.P. BEAUTIFUL!! I’ll Always Love You!!!This comes w/a Very Heavy Broken Heart!!”

“Lauren Scott our Niece, Lila Scott’s Daughter Passed Away Yesterday @ 2 pm in Los Angeles, California. Please pray for her Siblings as you know Lila her Mother passed away 2 yrs ago. This is Truly a Tragedy!!” she added.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner‘s office confirmed Dakota Skye’s death to AVN on June 10.

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Dakota Skye’s Cause of Death

It is not clear that what is Dakota Skye’s cause of death, but her death news was confirmed by her aunt on her Facebook page.

Dakota Skye was born in April 1994 in Tampa, Florida. She was in the color guard and marching band in high school; she played the trumpet. She also was a cheerleader and did both ballet and gymnastics when she was really young.

The first name of her porn pseudonym, ‘Dakota,’ is a tribute to the actress Dakota Fanning while the last name ‘Skye’ refers to her blue eyes.

The actress Dakota Skye died at a young age

Dakota briefly worked as an overnight stocker for the major retail outlet Walmart prior to starting out in the adult entertainment industry at age eighteen as a web-cam girl.

Skye first began performing in explicit hardcore fare in her late teens in 2013. She worked for adult websites as:

  • Mofos,
  • BangBros,
  • Team Skeet,
  • and Reality Kings.

Dakota Skye was arrested in Pinellas Park, Florida, on June 4, 2017, on assaulting her boyfriend, Robert Anderson, at his home. He said that he wanted her to leave after the two had sex, but she wouldn’t get off.

Anderson insisted she hang up and leave his home, and then he claimed Skye attacked him, hitting him and cutting his lip. Then she was arrested and booked, then released on her own recognizance.

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Reactions to Dakota Skye’s Death

Following the tragic news, several fans, friends, and supporters reacted on social media websites.

SavageSin tweeted: “Very sad news about Dakota Skye. Anyone who followed her knows that she lived a difficult life and dealt with a lot of issues on a daily basis. RIP Dakota. You definitely left your mark during your short time here. @DW_Sin_”

An online user wrote: “RIP Dakota Skye! 27 is way too young. It’s sad all the adult performers that go too soon.”

The star Dakota Skye tragically died at 27

Another tweeted: “Why. Why are so many pornstars dying, they human beings to they deserve a life two, to live and have a future. Grow old find a husband, have a few kids. Why is the world so damn fucked up. She shouldn’t have to die. May the God welcome you in love and peace RIP Dakota Skye.”

You can kindly scroll down and use the comment box to share your feelings about Dakota Skye’s death news.

More information about the death cause will be updated as we receive it. If you have more information about it, we are eagerly waiting to get your words.

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  1. No One June 10, 2021

    she was getting fat before she died

    1. JK June 11, 2021

      People like you are part of the problem. Just keep off!

      1. Anonymous June 11, 2021

        Acknowledging that her lifestyle was unhealthy is being part of the problem? Ok simp

        1. Sher June 15, 2021

          Acknowledging that the porn industry is linked to human trafficking is important. Some may choose to get in but unfortunately for most, the only way out is death. Usually not accidental. Maybe pray for her family and research human trafficking and the porn industry. You will be surprised what you may learn once you get away from MSM and actually research. Then stories like this will anger you.

          1. Mark September 22, 2021

            You’re very ignorant. Absolute B.S. I know many people in the porn industry. All do it by choice at least in the U.S. they can leave any time they want. In fact if they are difficult hooked on drugs they will not work with them.

            Women are lined up to get into that industry, not one has to convince them. I’m not say there are not some evil people that might be part of sex trafficking but that’s is certainly not the norm. Also any woman with an Onlyfans or PornHub channel are also in the industry, they just produce their own content rather than are hire.

            But what you said the only way out is death is 100% Lie! There are Documentaries that have followed ex-adult actresses and actors. Some will tell of bad experiences usually they are now Christians and believe all of that non-sense. When ever someone wants to revamp their image they usually go born again Christian and then trash the industry to be accepted. Funny how they loved it, made really good money and promoted it for all of those years.

            Other say it was a so much fun and miss it and glad they did it and some stay in 20-30 years. Dentist have a much higher Suicide Rate than Porn Actors by the way.

            I know and also have dated several women that did a porn video or two. They felt it was not for them and left no one every tried to keep them from leaving.

            You have been mis-informed by the same Christian Propaganda B.S. that has been against the adult industry for years, while the same people watch it and masturbate to it.

            1. Noah May 1, 2022

              It is super duper rare to have a pro porn actress last 20-30 years. The demand for their talents goes away quickly in their mid 20s; there are about as many (pro) videos with 18-19 year old actresses as there are with 20+. Women like Nina Hartley, who is in her 60s and still making porn, are rare (and hot, IMO).

              Choice is a funny thing. According to Einstein, Hawking, and the majority of cognitive scientists- it is an illusion. That being said- it is a convincing one. In a capitalist society one’s lifestyle is determined by one’s earnings- most porn actresses make good money at first, then they start doing sketchier things in order to keep their lifestyle when their agents don’t call as often.

              Friedrich Engels explained that “the capitalist mode of appropriation is one which the product enslaves first the producer” – get it? When drug addiction is a part of the mix. this can become deadly very quickly. Note: I am not at all a Christian-. Like Einstein and Orwell (among other socialists), I think religion is the opiate of the masses.

              Anyways I just wanted to express my condolences. She didn’t deserve this. I was already bummed about Amadahy and Amber Rayne, among others. This is sad news.

  2. Dennis June 11, 2021

    RIP angel. Forever loved.

  3. Anonymous June 11, 2021

    Oh feel so so sad for this Beautiful Girl How many young stars passed away and some committed suicide what’s happening to this Industry?May her soul rest in peace Condolences to the grieving families and friends 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. US day News June 11, 2021

      We are heartbroken about the young lady Dakota Skye’s death. May her soul rest in peace.

    2. Michael June 15, 2021

      This industry is pure evil. Where there’s evil you’ll without a doubt find stories like this.

  4. Chris Mackey June 11, 2021

    Just too sad. I saw her on Chaturbate a few months ago, and she did seem high some of the times, so I feared her demons had come back. She’d keep sniffing and rubbing her nose–signs of cocaine use–but maybe those habits remain even after a person has kicked using. I wanted her to find peace and happiness, and she even talked about wanting to have a baby within a year. None of that will happen for her, but at least she’s at peace now. RIP, Lauren. You will be missed.

  5. Edward June 11, 2021

    Rest easy dear 🙁

  6. Joshua June 13, 2021

    I’m her ex friends Amor and spoke to her 2 weeks straight every until she passed away but there’s more to this than the media is telling and she was murdered and somehow no one wants to explore what really happened and the truth about how she died and why she died if you’d like to speak more to me please reach out my email is [email protected]

    1. US day News June 13, 2021

      So sorry for your loss. Please accept our deepest condolences. We are heartbroken about Dakota Skye’s death. Thanks for your interaction and your information. We appreciate your attention.

    2. Anonymous June 15, 2021

      I tried to email you but the email address came back undeliverable.

  7. Michael June 14, 2021

    Flashing an image of George Floyd is disrespectful ? What about the millions of men and women who disrespected Lauren Scott by lusting after her image? You people can’t even call her by her real name.
    May she Rest In Peace…for a change.

    1. Mark September 22, 2021

      Finding a woman sexually desirable when when she is doing porn in not disrespect it’s admiration and a compliments. People that do porn want to be desired or lusted after, if not they have failed at their chosen career.

  8. Michael June 14, 2021

    People are upset because she disrespected an image of George Floyd? Chances are, same people probably disrespected her through lust? You people can’t even call her by her real name…Lauren Scott.
    I pray that God will find mercy upon her soul, as well as all the millions who disrespected her.

  9. james g June 14, 2021

    Im so sorry to see that Dakota Skye has passed…looks as if she is now the newest member of the 27 club..God bless you Dakota..rest in peace.

  10. A O'Caoimh June 18, 2021

    I tend to get woken up by individual’s who have mooved on. Technicallee i dont exist to a scientist. I thought my luck was going to change with previous vision however now i UNderstand that i may have been paid a visit so 2 type. There were 3 ov them, all petite young blonde’s. Doing a christmas dance with just red and white christmas hat’s on. I am a single bloke so i was woke with a male largeness so to type. Le strange thing is i was also shown a man, bare chested young not much hair on bodee. He was white & had a black bow tie on and nothing else. mabee a white open vest. Not sure if this has aneething to do with her entree into death @ 27 club or not. Just some info 4 those who seek a possible culprit if her UNtimelee mooving on is suspect. I see dead individual’s\people\prodestant’s\hindoo’s\buddist’s\muslam’s etc…..

  11. Bertrand DUREL June 19, 2021

    From Europe. RIP Lauren Kaye SCOTT

  12. Jeffery Hernandez June 23, 2021

    I love you and I’m sorry you were in pain. I wish we could have been closer.

    Rest in peace, beautiful kind angel. You will be missed forever.

  13. Jake Petty June 24, 2021

    I never found out about her untimely death until the 24th of june. She had been my favorite for the last 5 or 6 years. As far as the George Floyd , i think more of Dakota Skye than I do of him. I really got attacked to her over the internet and actually did communicate with her once or twice. She was very beautiful at one time and had a certain way about her that just stopped you in your tracks. I will miss her and my condolences to her family.

  14. Max Sterling July 7, 2021

    I first wanted to address a concern that I think her passing should be a call to action in any work environment or career but will address her career and those in it to learn from such a tragic loss (no matter what was the cause, natural or other so they can make sure we don’t lose a person and great person like Lauren Scott and her professional name Dakota Skye). Also when people people diverge from what a topic is about and bring something totally outside of anything she could be compared to or associated with, just ignore as they are trying to feed off of a loss, a tragedy and could care less about the person who passed away as noted in this article.

    I am not in the industry, I am not in any way have some sort of special access, so my comments below are concerns I worry about and find hard to come up with an answer and just how we all should respond and whether we all perhaps maybe not intentional or directly caused such a tragic loss to occur no matter the cause, lets not worry about how she passed away but look to how we don’t have to read about another star like Lauren Scott aka Dakota Skye passing so early in their life.

    I will admit also that I have viewed some of her work, so I feel just as bad if I was an enabler that paid a site that didn’t have her total and personal interest as their first concern and always first and instead saw her as an investment or commodity or less than a person because they were in and industry that should not be treated any differently than any other profession one chooses. I am also not a therapist or licensed professional in any field of the medical or mental health profession. I am a person who has struggled with depression, personal issues that I just put in the category of Mental Challenges as I don’t need to reveal beyond depression why I really feel so horrible about her loss as this article shared more about Lauren Scott than many of us maybe didn’t know or didn’t view her based on her past as she probably din’t want us to see her in that way and treat her differently just because of her early life. Mental challenges still to this day can impact what one thinks of themselves or concern about others how they view them like it is something negative or bad about them.

    This has been a major concern for me with what I am sure are some of the friendliest, amazing strength inside, sociable, love their fans whether of their work in the Adult Industry or just when they are being like all of us on twitter, facebook or other social media platform that I worry about the dark side (no not the force) behind their beautiful smiles and way they communicate in such an outgoing manner but never ask us to shoulder perhaps any pain, doubts or feelings or bear a burden they might have been dealing with, as they are just like anyone just growing up and looking at each day as a new day and worrying about the same things we do in our life as we look to our future. Is there any issues in their past that perhaps influenced (without them realizing it either, our brain is wired to such an extent that no phone company could manage our wires in our brain and sometimes our mind can block things but deep down allow the turmoil, pressure or whatever to continue to eat away at them) their choice. I know for a long time it is that they are told they could perhaps get into hollywood mainstream via the Adult Industry. For many it is a struggle not unlike so many people of having a source of income that allows them to just get by month by month. I am sure people that aren’t in the Adult Industry for example works at a supermarket might not be there because they love the thought but because it is what they feel is a way to take care of themselves and possibly their families.

    When you hear about all these deaths and not via a porn site but via social media and the news it is troublesome. I do worry that partially with knowledge and partial not, that some of those who run businesses in the industry perhaps don’t take the time to make sure the potential model, performer or someone who is in the industry is actually doing okay as a person, not a model or performer but as a normal everyday person with all the same problems many people deal with. However like Hollywood, if something is leaked about them looking for or having seen someone to talk about their issues or found to have gone to some sort of treatment facility, it can damage their career, even though it shouldn’t. Mental challenges are in all of us and we each deal with it in our own way. I have always wondered if what they are asked to do in the industry is they way of numbing their past challenges before they came into the industry or because of what they have already done and it is a great weight on them about what they have done that they are trying to drown out what they have posed or acted for.

    If the industry truly cares about both the men and women that model for them and perform for them, they should make it a requirement that all in the industry perhaps contribute to a therapy service that the performer/model can contact without anyone in the industry being made aware. However I think it does come down to an issue of trust. We are so driven by social media, that if someone has appeared lately in a video or pictorial then everyone starts asking questions, which I think is why social media has been both a new to communicate but also a way to start the rumor mill (heck for those in the US, we have seen how far conspiracies and leaning far to the left or right of the political spectrum can find a platform and followers and leave a real mess behind, but then we accept this as free speech and unless they try to encourage some sort of harm or threats then of course that no longer is under the protection of the 1st Amend. in our Constitution.) and people literally internet stalking the person in order to know what or why they haven’t been active for a few months. That is also a tragedy. While the industry might have something like this in place, I think it is either not made known to models or they worry about someone finding out and then it is all over social media and those in the industry read it and sadly some see a potential way to maybe convince them to go maybe where they personally don’t want to but might accept for their career and I do feel bad about that happening. Since there is so much out there now in terms of the Adult Industry there are still those shady few who don’t give models or performers really all the details and what or how what they are asked to do is perhaps not required to get into the industry but those shady few see it as a possible way to manipulate someone who perhaps wants to model nude or have them videoed. I don’t think anyone should tell them they have done anything wrong but with those who see an opportunity (as I said, those shady few) to get a new model or performer to perhaps go beyond what truly should be their choice but they are perhaps presented that this is the way in instead. No the ladies are not dumb as some say or enter into this expecting to become rich because of the stories of other models/performers success. It is getting after these shady few that I think can impact a shy or unsure of what they need to or don’t need to do to break into the industry after all not everyone has a mentor or friend in the industry that perhaps hasn’t also been taken advantage of. I think in some ways it is where the issue starts is how they get into the industry. Many might not even understand what they might or might not be going into as they might think of Playboy style photography and are lead to believe that hey this is how they notice you, as I said people who don’t see ladies (no I am not excluding men but since Dakota was such a friendly lady, well it should be addressed to her situation and others of her gender, so please do not take any lack of mention as being discrimination or that only women have this issue).

    If you talk to some of these ladies on social media and not about the work they do but about them as a person like you or me, they are so glad to hear someone isn’t talking to the performer/model but to them as a human being. Just getting a simple hello hope your day is smiley and great for you today, really makes them feel that someone isn’t looking at me as the performer/model in the industry but me as a person. For many they don’t get that I assume and instead get more sexually related comments, questions, etc.

    We who view porn no matter what gender, sexual orientation or kind of porn need to perhaps to stop and think. Are we in some way being enablers by just joining a site without knowing more about a site and what goes on behind the flashy web site. Do they look out for their performers/models and sadly we don’t know. So maybe the industry needs to look inside to promote a safe and healthy (no not talking about condoms or anything like that) I just mean they value them as a person with feelings, with desires, wishes, goals, dreams, etc. and not just another performer/model that can help raise membership numbers. I think the pressure to stay in the industry is a force maybe we who aren’t in the industry don’t see or understand and don’t notice or don’t care to understand. For example implants/ tats are they what she has always wanted or is there some pressure that this will help expand your resume or your profile in the industry.

    So we need to perhaps turn and say okay Adult Industry, without involving another governmental law or restriction come up with a solution from with in. Make sure you just don’t worry about their beauty on the outside but also what is on the inside and treat them as people, just another person.

    I spoke to a webcam model once as I was curious why they do what they do in cam shows. Many especially from the former Warsaw Pact nations their opportunities are limited in their country, jobs that actually pay them a decent wage and make sure the work environment is healthy and safe. So they start with webcams for example as a way to earn money that might not be possible where they are from or live and once again lead astray by those who maybe don’t have their best interest at heart and paint a rosy picture of money they could generate. One such webcam site, without naming names, take as much as 40% of everything they get (including tips, gifts, thank you, etc), then you have the studios they have to rent as not everyone has HD webcams and broadband access needed for the video not to be choppy or grainy and then their are those who “manage” their webcam career who take their cut. When this one cam model told me I was shocked and felt I should never ask them to perform and instead perhaps be just a person they can talk to without all the kind of words they get from people. She said yes they do appreciate when someone isn’t interested in having them perform like a toy or pony show as well that is all they hear from people and since it is an adult entertainment site are forced to accept. Many use the service as a way to pay for higher education and/or family, she told me (sorry not giving out anything about her country or anything as that shouldn’t matter). I give them tips/thank you without anything in exchange. I told them it isn’t to get something about them but to thank her or whoever for their time and kindness. However many also have people who are monitoring their activity and like a sales pitch, get that person into a private/personal session or do away with them don’t waste time even for someone who is friendly. The webcam industry also tells the ladies (and others) not to worry they are being rude when they let the person know hey are you here to chat freely or can we go into a paid transaction by the minute/hour/block or whatever. I even asked her is there a way I can pay you directly (aka not let others take away her earnings and leave them with change) and they say they can’t say how to as they aren’t allowed.

    So maybe with the really devastating and sad news of the passing of such a delightful and funny person as noted by the new article and by those who ever read anything she posted on social media she never tried to push her problems or blame others. She also put forth a strong and courageous face that people loved about her without judging her by what she does or how she appears (the fat comment this is just horrible and disgusting anyone has to be subjected to that where “beauty” is part of the industry, it can really hurt them). I feel sorry for her family, I feel sorry that she lost her mom 2 years ago as that can be so devastating to anyone no matter what they do for a career, so we shouldn’t judge her by those standards but remember she was a 27 year old woman who had her whole life ahead of her. I hope they give the family the right as to what is released from her autopsy as no family should have to be put through the pain all over again in social media postings about their lovely friend, neighbor or relative/sibling. I can only hope that instead of this tragic news from continuing that something is done to provide the confidential support some might or might not want and always view them as a person first, just like you and me where we have all the same feelings and hardships or challenges or desires that they do rather than as a commodity or treat them as just someone they call to help put up new content. I hope this message lets her friends, family and people she has worked with know that there are people who can try to at least understand or wants other people to understand, they a person first and foremost and just say hi and treat them as you treat or talk to others who don’t work in the Adult Industry, it is a career or a job and nothing else and should not be viewed as “adult” but as professionals providing their expertise just as you go to see a doctor, a therapist, a financial advisor, or any profession where they are professionals that provide some sort of need you have or service. Until others outside remember Dakota (using her stage name) as a lovely and special person and not what she did, how can others be helped and perhaps we don’t see a tragedy after all we all assume she did something to cause her death when she could have just as easily passed away due to normal natural causes that sadly takes people at any age. To Dakota wherever you look at where you go after I hope you are enjoying it and being able to feel like it is your place to create your dreams without anyone treating or judging you and other people up there or over there or however she viewed personally where she felt wanted to go after her natural life, are enjoying the absolute precious opportunity to spend time listening to her funny stories she recounts to them and feels she is free to express herself without worrying about what they might think or say. Ms. Skye, you will be missed not as a model/performer but as another person who tragically has been a loss to all of us and will be missed.

    1. Max Sterling July 7, 2021

      Sorry about the length and the fact that my posting failed to interpret my paragraph spacing as a space between each one and instead became one unending post instead.

    2. US day News July 8, 2021

      Dear Max Sterling, thanks for your attention. We really appreciate your interaction and your comment. As you mentioned, these models are normal everyday people, and we totally agree that the industry should care more about both the male and female models. She could have easily passed away due to normal, natural causes, and nothing caused her death, you are right, but she was a star who is well-known and even now has many fans. All her fans wonder what happened to their favorite celebrity and what led to Dakota Skye’s death. As a daily news website, we try to cover any possible aspects of an incident, like a celebrity death. However, we really love your comments, and many thanks for all these kind words.

      1. Anonymous July 9, 2021

        I appreciate the compliment. As you said the industry needs to remember these models/performers are first and foremost normal people like you and me. They have family, friends, BFF, relatives, parents, spouse/partner, fans, etc. I know that no matter what the cause of death is, she will be used by those who will want to step in with Government regulations. The problem is the Government is known sometimes for over regulation. The reason there is so much Government regulations on everything you can think of, is because if that Industry, products, services, etc. create a problem and refuse to self-regulate itself, the Government will eventually step in to regulate. The Adult Industry is not immune to this and actually is a natural target by various politicians and political parties, usually of conservative nature (I identify as a moderate American – I do belong to a party and I take the best ideas from both sides of the isle to find the help, solutions, innovation and ideas that need to be addressed and soon and yes I will give a big hint here, I am conservative but not to the extreme) or religious/faith backed ideas.

        If Ms Lauren Scott is found to have passed away from natural or self induced causes, it will be used by those who think that the Adult Industry is the problem, the work environment and the sin. I went first to a private school, then to a baptist-light evangelical, Catholic schools (only reason for 3 is one got you started, the next one led to you being ready for high school and obvious the last was Catholic that was a well respected school where I live (no not some sort of elitest school, one of my parents passed and the other who was in a profession that is the most important to our children as they grow up, education – sorry but have to be vague.

  15. Max Sterling July 9, 2021

    I appreciate the compliment. As you said the industry needs to remember these models/performers are first and foremost normal people like you and me. They have family, friends, BFF, relatives, parents, spouse/partner, fans, etc. I know that no matter what the cause of death is, she will be used by those who will want to step in with Government regulations. The problem is the Government is known sometimes for over regulation. The reason there is so much Government regulations on everything you can think of, is because if that Industry, products, services, etc. create a problem and refuse to self-regulate itself, the Government will eventually step in to regulate. The Adult Industry is not immune to this and actually is a natural target by various politicians and political parties, usually of conservative nature (I identify as a moderate American – I do belong to a party and I take the best ideas from both sides of the isle to find the help, solutions, innovation and ideas that need to be addressed and soon and yes I will give a big hint here, I am conservative but not to the extreme) or religious/faith backed ideas.

    If Ms Lauren Scott is found to have passed away from natural or self induced causes, it will be used by those who think that the Adult Industry is the problem, the work environment and the sin. I went first to a private school, then to a baptist-light evangelical, Catholic schools (only reason for 3 is one got you started, the next one led to you being ready for high school and obvious the last was Catholic that was a well respected school where I live (no not some sort of elitest school, one of my parents passed and the other who was in a profession that is the most important to our children as they grow up, education – sorry but have to be vague for privacy concerns, so we weren’t rich, not poor and maybe not even middle class, we floated somewhere in the middle class but no one can truly say what is considered middle class anymore but in general it was sometimes just getting by with enough to save) then a state college, so I had a right leaning education. Catholics are more vague on their goal of getting rid of sex workers and the Adult Industry (that doesn’t mean they haven’t addressed it, they just don’t use it as a platform to force choice on people, be a good catholic and follow the right path – please no religious wars, those were fought long ago and we should be able to leave that fight in the past).

    So USdaynews I do hope you will try to tip toe what the cause of death is from making it sound like an industry was the primary factor in her passing (natural or other). Some don’t even realize that these models/performers actually have fans not stalkers or perverts (even though viewing is consider by many to be wrong but you aren’t forced to view or watch or even have them in your twitter feed, facebook friends and other social media services) but everyday people who well, likes to look at the nudity of the models/performers and even the artistic side in many cases. It is used by some I am sure for sex education that is lacking in schools as religion and government impact what is truly taught. Yes there are the creepy and weird fans that get obsessed and think they are that models solution for their companionship and this is a fear mostly for the ladies as some know there are people who can’t understand and this I am your best friend and spouse over zealous fans puts enormous pressure on these ladies and their own personal safety and health. However excluding those handful of people. So just like every other person who attracts followers/fans; models/performers have the same fans just with a different reason for liking or following. As stated by other posters they were fans that loved her work and/or communicated with her on twitter, facebook or other social media platform.

    I just wonder if the models/performers might want to even start a mentor program for the Adult Industry. It would have to be one group not multiple. It would need to pre-screen the mentors to make sure they cover all spectrum’s of the industry from light nudity in photos/videos/ up to I guess we would say the hard of hardest core. These ladies could either volunteer or be paid a small donation to cover their cost of mentoring (within reason of course so pay should be equal throughout it). These ladies should also make sure they keep their feelings towards someone needing a mentor or someone who knows the industry and can help (yes covering ladies only but it can apply to men as well, I am a guy incase that matters) out of their thoughts. They need to essentially when talking to a model or performer be no-gender or class and strictly mentors and need be aware that while they are doing nothing wrong the people they are helping could be interested in more than mentoring because the person gets too close and so the mentors will need to know how to carefully address the issue and feelings that could turn the mentor into someone that sought help sees as a great match for them.

    Once again this is something that is only the framework that the industry will need to fill in more. These changes should not be made by just the men for women or women for men or the photographers/website or brand name holders-publishers either. Each gender has their own issues and so one size will not fit all (like mentioned about healthcare, that most standards have been based on us guys and more tested towards us, then female as well). They need to have equality from the start with only gender being the difference. Costs, expenses, fees must always be equal. You might even say some good can come from this as maybe some of the ladies and men who nearing the time that they want to move on to another industry but can’t decide could become therapist/counselors (even marriage advisors and sex therapists) for not just members of the Adult Industry but the same normal people out there. Their challenge will be able to gain the trust of those who might not think highly of them. Sasha Grey is an example of a model who has done the whole gambit of work in the Industry but I don’t know her full content of her career and has tried to make a transition to Hollywood Actress, spokeswomen, host and even giving back to her community like the controversy over her reading books to children. Once parents realized who she was they created a firestorm. Except why and why did they recognize her so easily or wanted to know more about her career or past – meaning fathers and even mothers probably viewed her content but were hypocrites in judging her. The school district or non-profit I am sure we made aware by Sasha of her past work experience and asked for discretion from her and to not give the parents anything to gripe about just because they did work in the Adult Industry and somehow carry a scarlet letter (interesting book we were required to read in high school, The Scarlet Letter – approx title name) and that she would negatively teach young children because of her career (so no very short miniskirts or sexy lingerie that could be seen through their clothing for obvious reason, while unfair that they can’t dress as they wish to, they just need to know that their appearance and career choice in the past will sadly put more pressure on them to appear more conservative (which I think they would know that in advance and also how to handle any advances by parents or guardians of the children she reads to) and if parents are so afraid have a member of the school or non-profit always be in attendance to ensure nothing was done that parents would point at as a problem or even answer questions on site. So Ms. Grey is trying to outside of career to other things but has been labelled and stigmatized because of her career choice in the Adult Industry, as I am sure someone in high tech wouldn’t cause concern, so even trying to move on is fraught with so many pre-judgements that can hamper even the most basic career change. So there is another source of services they need, what do I do if I want to have a second career outside the industry and perhaps replacing their career in the Adult Industry. Once again special classes, mentors, people who specialize in personal appearance and speech could be made available so they do get that training that maybe they need in order to move into another career once they decide of take on this 2nd or new career. Most important these services must prepare those in the adult industry, especially models, of how to address any concerns of their first career, even though I think many of the models/performers have the common sense and the understanding that what was okay in the industry will not be okay in another, in some ways adds additional layers of complexity to get people to understand what they bring to another industry without the Adult Industry adding a ball and chains that they must carry.

    With all these things and more, I honestly hope will come out of the tragic loss of Ms. Scott aka Dakota Skye much needed services and attention to other issues that are unique to those in the Adult Industry. I don’t want people to think however that she is unique and is the bases of change but to remember other adult industry members who also struggled either through their career or when trying to move out of the AI to another career path. Perhaps things like helping those who didn’t complete high school (no this is not just an Adult Industry problem either) get their GED. Scholarships and very low interest loans to get at least a two or four year degree at the state and local level, if they want Stanford they can get some help but would be expected to have to contribute but that assistance might be what is needed so they can hold a job but also attend a big name school, which of course brings up having ladies complete classes on the money they make and how best to manage and all the pitfalls from drugs, alcohol to abusive relationships and so on so maybe they setup retirement plans (both from the industry and the natural one about 60-67 years of age approx. – probably use Social Security retirement age.). Pension plans. Issues related to sites or companies that might be too small to bare this additional burden but should also be expected to fall in line with the industry and its goal of treating their employees as people to. So while not giving all credit to Ms. Scott for these changes but as the person who finally caused the industry to look at all those who have past on (by other than natural) or are entering, already in, and moving on. Her passing should be the desire to change things and prevent anymore tragic passing of what or who are people in this industry (which ironically is not unique to the same pressures everyday people face) people like you and me, just because of the models/performers who decide to work in an industry that does have customers or provide services, like the auto industry has sales people and service people who provide a product and services respectively.

    It is just too bad Ms. Scott had to pass away (natural or other) when the help to mention the health care that could have saved her. It won’t be inexpensive for the industry but it will improve the image of these companies/websites and ensure, and that when any member of the industry that looks up to the sun for its warmth the sky is Skye Blue and not dark ominous clouds.

    The other tragedy is that her loss will be viewed as coming from the industry and not from a person who should have been able to receive very low cost or free access to guidance, therapy, support network, mentors and others as applicable to the needs of the models and performers. Until the major news, influencer’s, industry and even to the political level take up this view it will be just a fantasy, not for those who wish to buy or accept the fantasy these special people provide, but for those who are the industry this is a fantasy that should become true for them as well.

    Post Edit Comments: I am not an expert. I might not be seeing the same things that those who perform or model see. It is they, like Dakota Skye, who should address the services and professional assistance that those in the Adult Industry need as I might no all the on the job issues. I don’t know enough to speak for them or Ms. Scott/Skye, but I do speak out of concern for them to make people think of them not as that nude performer or model or even sex worker, but as the same person first just like any other industry. We as viewers could add hashtags to messages (what I don’t know but even the people I am talking about create ones they feel are best to address and in addition to the copyright messages or DMCA should also be to remember those in the industry former or current or new are people and to treat them as you would anyone else and the performers/models decide where to draw the line in terms of the kind of feedback, comments, tweets that are expected and what isn’t a way to communicate with them through social media). Copyright for their work and ordinary person label for them.

  16. Gak94 July 12, 2021

    A shame I only met you a few times Lauren. Maybe we’ll spend more time together in the next world.

  17. Dennis Carrier August 5, 2021

    Who is the ME that is taking over two months to issue an autopsy report on a suspicious death?

  18. Krunal August 23, 2021

    Rip Dakota.
    You helped many people to throw stress away.

  19. Mark September 22, 2021

    Healthy young people are dropping dead left and right for unknown reasons. I have never seen so much death on my FB timeline.

    It all started after the Vaccinations. This vaccine has killed more people that all others combined over the last 15 years already. And that’s according to the VARES Database. The same is True of the EU stats. People need to wake up and see what’s going on. There are too many healthy young people dying. The first question you should ask when someone dies now is “When were the vaccinated?”

    The Adverse reactions are not being reporter accurately, and when someone dies within two weeks they say they were not vaccinated. Yes that’s true. One Whistle Blower (Medical Data Analyst) has said 50,000+ people have died within 3 days of taking the vax. Another came out and said 250,000 have died within one week. None of those would be counted as a fully vaccinated person.

    WXYZ-TV Channel 7 asked on their Facebook Page../
    “After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.”

    They got over 100K Reponses saying “No but they know someone who died after getting the vaccine.

    See for yourself.

    The MSM is censoring the truth about vaccine injuries and deaths you have to go off of the MSM to get the truth.


  20. Someone January 9, 2022

    Yes, when the ‘rona jab is responsible for a death, then the cause of death is labeled as “unknown”…
    And it stays that way.
    Until half of the population has dropped dead at least…
    I am really sorry for the girl, for her family problems, for her past addictions, for her getting into the porn industry, and for not finding someone to love her.
    She was a beautiful girl and I am sure she would have made her own family, which would be a great one, if the conditions were different.
    May God forgive her.
    We were the lucky ones in this world.


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