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Omaha Property, Business Owner, Dave Paladino’s Cause of Death

Omaha Property, Business Owner, Dave Paladino's Cause of Death
Image Source: Omaha World Herald

It is with the deepest sorrow to announce Mr. Paladino’s death. He sadly passed away on July the first in 2021. Dave Paladino’s cause of death has confirmed by his brother, so stay with us.

It is said that Mr. Paladino sparked several debates at City Hall. He was an Omaha property and storage business owner.

Based on sources, he was well-known around Omaha. He was a landlord of many properties around the city, besides the Bible verses on the signs outside his Dino’s Storage units across the metro area.

According to Kevin Paladino, his brother, Mr. Paladino was flying the plane from Omaha to a lake property in Iowa. After taking off, he had realized something was wrong with the plane.

Later on, he added that as Dave landed at the Lamoni airport, the plane went off the runway and crashed. Kevin later shared with all: “We’re all in shock. It’s quite a loss.”

Latest: Omaha Property, Business Owner, Dave Paladino’s Cause of Death

What Was Dave Paladino’s Cause of Death?

It is said that Mr. Paladino died Thursday, July 1st. Dave Paladino’s cause of death was confirmed due to a small plane crash in Iowa, by his brother on Friday. 

Mr. Paladino was 54 years old. He killed in a plane crash located in Lamoni, Iowa, around 8 a.m. on Thursday. Noted, Lamoni is located about 145 miles from Omaha and straight south of Des Moines. 

An initial FAA reported: “The aircraft attempted to land but took off immediately and appeared to stall on departure resulting in a crash.”

Please remember that our condolences and sympathies will be the only things that can get his family and friends through such difficult times, so leave yours kindly in the comment box below, and please, if you have any more details, let us know.

More To Know About Dave Paladino

Based on sources, Paladino planned to redevelop two historic apartment buildings near downtown so he applied for $285,000 in tax-increment financing.

Later on, the Tenant complaints increased a debate claiming whether landlords whose properties were not well-kept should receive city help.

Ben Gray, former City Councilman, alongside the rest of the Local renter advocates, called Paladino a slumlord. The council put the request on the back burner which meant Paladino’s bid ultimately failed.

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