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Story of Pirates of the Caribbean Actor, David Bailie’s Death Cause


Many are wondering about the Pirates of the Caribbean’s actor, David Bailie’s death cause after he passed away on 5 March 2021 at the age of 85; RIP.

Many are wondering about the Pirates of the Caribbean's actor, David Bailie's death cause after he passed away on 5 March

Born in December 1937 in South Africa, David Bailie went to boarding school in Swaziland and emigrating to Zimbabwe along with his family when he was 15.

He kicked if acting career soon after school in 1955, and became an amateur production of ‘Doctor in the House‘ which assured him he wanted to be an actor.

He served in a bank and then for Central African Airlines after leaving school. In 1958, he made his first trip to England.

Two years later, David Bailie moved to England and starred in his first small role in the film Flame in the Streets (1960) and then appeared as one of the bells boys in Arthur Koppits “Oh Dad Poor Dad Mama’s hung you in the Closet and I’m feeling so Sad” (1961).

Recognizing the requirement for training he auditioned three times for a bursary to RADA, each time only being accepted as a fee-paying student which he couldn’t afford.

There is no Word about David Bailie’s Death Cause

Although the stare died about 5 days ago, there is no information about his cause of death at this time. US day News working to find further information and provide latest update, stay up with us.

Good to know, Bailie was also a professional landscapes and portrait photographer.

David Bailie is best-known for his role as “Cotton” in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, a mute pirate who has his tongue cut out, so he trained his parrot, also named Cotton, to speak on his behalf, though it cannot say more than stock phrases.

Bailie first played as Cotton in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) as one of the pirates Jack Sparrow chooses in Tortuga.

He is one of the Black Pearl crewmembers to survive the Kraken attack in the sequel Dead Man’s Chest (2006), and also played Cotton in the third installment: At World’s End (2007).

More about David Bailie’s Biography: Mr. Cotton

David Bailie shared two children with his first wife.

He married Egidija in 2002.

Our thoughts and prayers are with David Bailie’s family, friends, and all of his loved ones at this tough time. You may also want to leave a tribute or a condolence message below the comment box to honor his life and legacy.

Don’t bother worrying or talking about art’ – that’s god given and will take care of itself – concentrate rather on developing your technique or craft – that’ll take you forward.

David Bailie

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