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David Lasley’s Cause of Sudden Death at 74 Confirmed


Sadly, a background singer for JT and many other music luminaries passed away. His friend and fellow JT band member Arnold McCuller confirmed David Lasley’s death news.

Denise French reported David Lasley’s cause of death as cancer, reporting that: “He was my Uncle. He passed from cancer.” It also has been reported that he was battling health issues over the last 7 months.

His death news has been announced on Thursday, December 9, 2021. The artist reportedly died of a severe illness at the age of 74.

Singer David Lasley suddenly died
The musician David Lasley unexpectedly passed away at the age of 74

David Eldon Lasley was a renowned singer, songwriter, and recording artist best known for 24 years of work contributions as a background singer for such artists as James Taylor, Boz Scaggs, Bonnie Raitt, Dionne Warwick, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, and many others.

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David Lasley’s Life and Career

David Eldon Lasley was born in Michigan, on August 20, 1947. Lasley sang with his family in the church and in his teens, put together a singing group called “The Utopias” with his sister Julie and Joan Hughes, and achieved some success in the Detroit area.

According to Wikipedia, music critic Dave Marsh, who referred Lasley to Fortune Records, says he was “compelled to mention Detroit roots.” Lasley joined the cast of Hair in 1970, performing first in Detroit and then on tour. This led to a move to New York City, and performances on and off-Broadway.

He started to be a backup singer in 1970 and performed on many of Chic’s and Sister Sledge’s recordings along with Luther Vandross and started with James Taylor as a background vocalist in 1977.

David’s first solo album “Missin’ Twenty Grand” was named because of the club Twenty Grand in Detroit where he and his sister used to sing for free. “It’s a lot about my teenage years. I’ve often wanted to go back to Detroit,” he said about the album.

The single “If I Had My Wish Tonight” spent 10 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 36 in May 1982.

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Reactions to David Lasley’s Death

Many fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites following this tragic news.

Desmond Child wrote on Facebook: “ROLL ME THROUGH THE RUSHES LIKE MOSES… Last night, my dear friend and colleague, David Lasley, passed on into eternity. David was one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time that the world never knew. He sang and wrote on many of the classic records across the last 5 decades that have become the soundtrack of our lives. David was a sweet, soft-spoken angel… and now he has become a real one. Check out his own solo albums as well as his bands Valentine & Rosie… especially his timeless epic song ‘Roll Me Through The Rushes‘.”

One fan wrote: “So broken-hearted hearing of David’s passing. Spent so many years with him on tour with James Taylor. A beautiful soul and what a voice. He and Arnold McCuller were a remarkable team.”

Another tweeted: “Incredibly sad news this morning. David Lasley has joined the angels. Heartbreaking. What a voice. What a writer. What a soul,” adding “I’ve also created a playlist of some of David Lasley’s compositions that were recorded by other artists–just a glimpse of the songs that came from his pen.”

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  1. Anonymous December 10, 2021

    He was a friend. RIP

  2. Denise French December 10, 2021

    He was my Uncle. He passes from cancer.

    1. US day News December 10, 2021

      Dear Denise French, we are so sorry for your uncle’s loss, and many thanks for your worthy information. David Lasley was a real legend in music. He will rest in paradise.

  3. Denise French December 10, 2021

    *passed from cancer.

  4. Loren-Paul Caplin December 10, 2021

    A genuine, authentic human being. Always connected to a celestial place. Sing with the angels. Rest In Peace brother.

    1. US day News December 11, 2021

      David Lasley’s death has broken many hearts. His music lives forever.

  5. Kate Mutters December 11, 2021

    Lewy Body Dementia plus an amputation

    1. Charlene Anthony January 14, 2022

      I was at the JT concert November 17 in North Charleston and David Lasley stood for the entire show. How is that possible as an amputee? When was his surgery?

      1. Debra January 30, 2022

        David hasn’t toured with James for several years.

    2. Debra January 30, 2022

      David did not have Lewy Body Dementia.

  6. Paul December 12, 2021

    What a wonderful soul we have lost. David was talented and beautiful, but he was the kindest man I ever knew.
    He looked out for so many people and cared deeply about everyone. I miss you and I will remember our time together in LA forever.

    1. US day News December 13, 2021

      We are so sorry for your loss. You’re really lucky that you had spent time with this wonderful man. He may rest in peace.

  7. Stephanie Oconnor December 12, 2021

    I loved hearing him sing and seeing how happy it made him and us all

    1. US day News December 13, 2021

      We all are heartbroken about his death. He will rest in paradise.

  8. Michael salem January 2, 2022

    I met David abou 25 years ago on a train going to montreal.he said that he does not take planes.a great person.on and off through all the years we spoke
    But sometimes it was difficult because he changed phone numbers often

    I was looking at James taylor/ carol King concert tonight
    And decided to call david.i was very saddened and surprised by his death.the obit says that he was involved with the show hair and so was my cousin Harvey milk.
    I wonder if he knew Harvey?
    Rip friend
    michael salem

    1. US day News January 3, 2022

      So sad for your loss, dear Michael salem. You’re so lucky that you had met him and had spent time with this legend. David Lasley’s death news has broken many hearts. He will rest in peace.

  9. Lee T. February 9, 2022

    I was shocked that he has passed away. He was one of the singers I first recognized with Chic in 1977 and I followed his career from then on. I really need to replace my copy of Back To Blue-eyed Soul. My sympathy to his family.


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