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Overdose Rumors Behind DJ Dimplez’s Cause of Death


The news shocked many and all are asking about the musical artist DJ Dimplez’s cause of death since he sadly passed away today (March 6, 2022) at the age of 33. Ma y he rest in peace.

The heartbreaking death news was confirmed by a close friend, announcing that DJ Dimplez lost his life suddenly and after collapsing in his home this morning, but there is no statement from the artist at this time.

About a half-hour ago a Twitter user wrote, “Swirling rumors are suggesting that DJ Dimplez may have passed away today. NOTHING is confirmed yet and I’m currently investigating. I’ll update once I know any further. After the weeks we’ve experienced as an industry, I REALLY hope this isn’t true.”

The news shocked many and all are asking about the musical artist DJ Dimplez's cause of death

The unexpected death happened a year after DJ Dimplez broke his silence about a leaked message that emerged on social media.

South African hip hop DJ Dimplez, on May 2021, who was embroiled in an alleged drunken sex scandal involving a woman from the Northern Cape, had finally broken his silence.

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You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him. Also if you have any related information about her passing, please share it with us.

Dimplez’s list of best songs includes We Ain’t Leaving, on which he featured Anatii and L-Tido, and Way Up featuring Cassper Nyovest and JR. He released the album Kubu, in 2019.

As a contributor in the industry, the DJ played a big role in solidifying the fact that there was space in SA entertainment for hip hop DJs. He played in clubs, festivals and his music was featured on most music charts.

The DJ’s last Instagram post is a snap of him at late rapper Riky Rick’s memorial service on Friday.

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But What Was DJ Dimplez’s Cause of Death?

Some claim DJ Dimplez’s cause of death is related to drug overdose, however, there is no confirmed report about the manner at this time. We are trying our best to find related information as soon as possible.

In a statement issued on his official social media pages, DJ Dimplez, real name Tumi Mooi, announced: “I have noted various social media posts and allegations by Ms. Mamdiarah ’Kinky’ Diakoumpa.

He added, “On the advice of my legal representatives, I wish to not address the matter any further, on social media or any other public platform. Nor am I at liberty to do so, as the matter is before the relevant authorities.”

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In the unfolding saga, the woman alleges that she became pregnant with his child after a one-night stand at a hotel in Sandton. Meanwhile, DJ Dimplez extended his gratitude to many South Africans who rallied behind him after the news broke on social media.

He was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and came to fame for his stage name as DJ Dimplez. His birth name is Tumi Mooi.

While schooling at Wits University, he switched from a commerce degree to sports psychology. This was because he discovered that following his passion is more important than pursuing money.

Reactions to Suspicious Death of DJ Dimplez

Soon after the death news was spread, fans and friends kicked off sharing their tributes on social media; We also offer our deepest sympathies to Tumi Mooi and his loved ones in this hard period.

Someone said, “The SA Hip Hop community has lost yet another soldier today, DJ Dimplez. As things stand, his cause of death is unknown and his family will issue an official statement soon. Rest In Peace Dimplez, sending love and light to his family.”

Another said, “Wait what Dj Dimplez.💔 I was literally jamming to Bae Coup last night and busy reminiscing about the good times and Ricky’s verse yoh guys, ” while a user wrote,”We need to start taking better care of our men. Depression can lead to stroke. This thing that a man has to be strong and cannot cry or express feelings must be a thing of the past. Ricky rick, Patrick Shai and now DJ Dimplez we heared you. We will do better.”

The news shocked many and all are asking about the musical artist DJ Dimplez's cause of death

Another user penned, “There’s a dark cloud hanging over the music industry, the entertainment industry to be precise to us who still have hopes of making it there i hope we stay stronger in prayer. RIP Dj Dimplez we’ve lost another hiphop giant.”

A fan wrote, “Sad news 💔 The music industry loses another pioneer. DJ Dimplez has passed away on Sunday. Dimplez is one of the pioneers who pushed SA Hip-Hop and is responsible for the birth of PopCast podcast and the popular Pop-Bottles gathering.”

Also, another fan tweeted, “This seems like a weekly thing now yhooo. Almost everytime I longin on Twitter it’s R.I.P damn poeple are dying what’s goin on? R.I.P Dj Dimplez.”

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