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American Football Star Dwayne Haskins’ Car Crash Led to Death


We are truly sorry to announce to you that the famous American football quarterback Dwayne Haskins’ car crash led to his death at the age of 24. He passed away on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

His agent shone some light on the details of this heartbreaking accident and stated that it occurred when Haskins was hit by a car early this morning in South Florida.

Mike Tomlin is the Steelers’ head coach confirmed this shocking news and stated: “I am devastated and at a loss for words with the unfortunate passing of Dwayne Haskins,”

Dwayne Haskins decided to join the Steelers before the 2021 season and fought his way through to be in the A-team. His best performance as quarterback happened this season after the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger.

Dwayne Haskins' car crash led to death
image source: ohiostatebuckeyes

When he was a player at Ohio State, Haskins only played for one season but after a short time, he became one of the best players in college football. During this time he succeeded in remain the Big Ten records and helped his team to finish third in Heisman Trophy voting in 2018.

When Haskins was playing for the Steelers, Tomlin and general manager Kevin Colbert both applauded him for his astonishing performances. After some time, the Steelers signed another contract with him letting him play for another season.

The sudden passing of young stars no matter whether they are a prodigy in cinema, sport or music always saddens people. Recently another star in football passed away and Football Coach Stan Parrish’s Cause of Death went viral on the internet.

He found the honor to be in the 2020 campaign as Washington’s player and one of the club’s captains. However, after some matches, his performance deteriorated and the coaches put him on the bench instead of him, they used Kyle Allen.

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Dwayne Haskins’ Car Crash Shocked Many

According to the reports, Dwayne Haskins died in a car accident earlier this morning and more details of this incident have not been shared yet. According to his agent emergency team arrived quickly at the scene but unfortunately, Haskins had already passed away.

This accident occurred on the highway near the camp the Steelers usually hold their training. Florida Highway Patrol reported that when Haskins was walking on Interstate 595 near Davie, he was struck by a dump truck when he wanted to cross the westbound lanes of the highway.

Washington Redskins decided to have Dwayne Haskins in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft and he managed to show some quite acceptable appearances of himself but after 2 seasons he left this team.

Dwayne Haskins' car crash
image source: stillcurtain.com

Dwayne Haskins was born on May 3, 1997, in Highland Park, New Jersey. When he was still in Elementary school he and his family moved to Potomac, Maryland. In that city, he started playing football at Bullis School from 2013 to 2016 and showed that he has a promising future in this sport.

When he was in his rookie time, Haskins appeared in seven games and the first four games of the 2021 season but then coaches benched him after they lost to Baltimore. At the end of that season, Dwayne Haskins left Washington l that season and became a free agent player.

During the time Haskins was at the pinnacle of his career he achieved several sports awards such as Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week awards, the Graham–George Offensive Player of the Year, the Griese–Brees Quarterback of the Year, the Chicago Tribune Silver Football, and the Male Ohio State Athlete of the Year awards.

Our team in US day News does not confirm the rumors that many writers are sharing on the internet regarding Dwayne Haskins’ car accident. But we will try our best and prepare the latest updates for our wise readers.

Dwayne Haskins and Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins got married in 2020. On July 3, 2021, a physical dispute happened between the couple Gondrezick-Haskins was arrested due to domestic violence charges after she punched Haskins during an altercation at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

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