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Champion Cyclist Ethan Boyes’ Accident Leads to Tragic Death


Professional cyclist and sprinter Ethan Boyes’ accident led to his death on April 4, 2023. He sadly passed away after being struck and killed by a car.

According to United States Park Police, the 10-time national champion was riding his bicycle around 4 p.m. on Tuesday when he was struck by a vehicle near the Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco.

The agency said Mr. Boyes was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and later died of his injuries. The driver of the vehicle suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Champion Cyclist Ethan Boyes’ Accident Leads to Tragic Death

“Several eyewitness accounts shared online, which have been picked up by local media, indicate that Ethan was traveling southbound on Arguello when a car heading northbound swerved across the center line and into the oncoming bike lane,” San Francisco Bicycle Coalition said in a statement.

“The outpouring of sadness on social media speaks to Ethan’s kindness and generosity of spirit,” SF Bicycle Coalition added.

Eyewitness accounts have reported further details about the accident. Stephanie Wald wrote on Nextdoor: “A speeding car heading north careened into the opposite lane and hit a cyclist.”

She wrote that Boyes “slammed headfirst into the windshield.” A vigil was being held for Ethan Boyes on Friday night.

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Details of Ethan Boyes’ Accident at 44

On Saturday U.S. Park Police confirmed Ethan Boyes’ accident at the age of 44. The cyclist was killed in a crash with a vehicle while riding his bicycle at the entrance of the Presidio on Arguello Boulevard.

Friends of Ethan have placed a “ghost bike” at the scene of the crash. A sign placed at the scene of the accident claimed that a “drunk driver killed our friend.”

It is unclear if the driver was under the influence. It is not yet clear if they will face any charges for the accident.

Champion Cyclist Ethan Boyes’ Accident Leads to Tragic Death.

USA Cycling shared a statement with KRON4 acknowledging Ethan’s’ passing and highlighting his accomplishments, expressing their deepest sadness about his passing.

“Ethan was the reigning Masters’ Track World Champion in the Men’s 40-44 Time Trial and Sprint events and part of the winning Team Sprint squad, all earned in Fall 2022.

“In addition, he was a 10-time national champion throughout his cycling career. Ethan currently holds the World’s Best Performance record for Men aged 35-39 in the 1,000-meter time trial set in 2015 and several national records,” the statement read.

“Beyond Ethan’s athletic achievements, he was an upstanding member of the American track cycling community.

“His loss will be felt at local, regional, national, and world events for years, as he brought a mixture of competition and friendliness to every race. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

The accident is being investigated by the United States Park Police.

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