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Hollywood Author Eve Babitz’s Death; How did she Die?


Author and Hollywood icon Eve Babitz has sadly passed away at the age of 78. Eve Babitz’s cause of death has not been announced, but her relatives confirmed her death on social media.

Eve Babitz was born on May 13, 1943, in Hollywood, California. Babitz saw a renewed appreciation for her notable work as a younger generation of writers discovered her fresh and frank voice.

She attended Hollywood High and, at 20 years old, posed nude for the famous picture of herself playing chess with Marcel Duchamp.

Hollywood Author Eve Babitz's Death; How did she Die?

Later in the 1960s, Babitz designed album covers for Atlantic Records artists including Buffalo Springfield Linda Ronstadt and The Byrds, notably a collage design for 1967’s “Buffalo Springfield Again.”

Her pals included famous people like Jack Nicholson and Michelle Phillips and dated everyone from Harrison Ford to Jim Morrison.

Few writers are highly considered as having been able to chronicle the Los Angeles lifestyle as Babitz did during the time period.

She was well known about people in the era as well, from Jim Morrison to Steve Maritn, but her most significant subject was her writing, offering witty commentary that could only astound.

The great writer often joked about her sex life and her outreach. “I hadn’t really liked Elizabeth Taylor until she took Debbie Reynolds’ husband away from her, and then I began to love Elizabeth Taylor,” Eve once wrote.

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What’s Eve Babitz’s Cause of Death at 78?

There was no immediate word on Eve Babitz’s cause of death. US day News is working to provide more information and collect the latest updates surrounding Eve Babitz’s death, so stay up with us.

Babitz’s life spanned more than just her passion for writing. She designed the well-known album cover of Buffalo Springfield Again and also went on to design covers for The Byrds and Linda Ronstadt.

Hollywood Author Eve Babitz's Death; How did she Die?

The Hollywood icon was an extra in a couple of movies, including The Godfather Part II and also introduced Salvador Dali to Frank Zappa while convincing Steve Martin to wear a white suit.

Do you have Any more details due to the heartfelt News? Do you know him or have close relations? Are you a fan? Please help us to write a better, more reliable article by sharing your information with us.

US day News offers its deepest sympathies to his family, friends, fans, and all of her loved ones on these challenging days too. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor the legend.

Reactions to Eve Babitz’s Death

After the sad news of EveBabitz’ss death was revealed, her friends and social media users flooded social media with tribute messages. Many fans also took to Twitter to pay Pigonant tributes to her.

“RIP Eve Babitz, the L.A. Woman incarnate, the insider-outsider whose books & life reveled in the absurd, flamboyant, and technicolor. A genius in a feather boa, poet laureate of Tana’s & Musso, all dissolute Hollywood glamour & gilded insight, who said all the wrong things right,” Otto Von Biz Markie tweeted.

Hollywood Author Eve Babitz's Death; How did she Die?

“bell hooks and Eve Babitz both wrote so joyfully and expressively that reading them feels like listening to great music,” Molly Lambert wrote on Twitter.

“RIP, Eve Babitz, the best thing Los Angeles ever produced and line for line one of the funniest writers of the second half of the last century,” one social media user wrote.

Rachel Seville Tashjian said: “I got to read this months in advance—not Bc I’m famous, I worked in the PR dept! As soon as I did I bought every Babitz book I could hunt down—mostly on Etsy for $5 (?!?!!??)—& gave them to all the women I liked & we sat around & read them to each other.”

Hannah Ewens wrote: “Eve Babitz made being a writer seem glamorous. She showed you can be a chronicler of culture and place and find pleasure and joy, not just dirt and darkness. I already wish she’d have written more, but that would mean a boring life, and she was one of a kind! Hungover icon.”

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