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Musician Fredrik Johansson’s Cause of Death Shocks Many Fans


Fredrik Johansson, the rhythm guitarist for Dark Tranquility from 1993 to 1999, has passed away at 47. Fredrik Johansson’s cause of death has been revealed in a statement shared by the band.

The band confirmed the sad news via a lengthy statement from frontman Mikael Stanne. According to the statement, Johansson passed away on January 25th.

“One of us is gone. “Fredrik Johansson passed away on January 25th after a three-year long battle with cancer,” the statement read.

Fredrik Johansson's Cause of Death Shocks Many Fans
Image Source: Metal Injection

“He joined Dark Tranquillity in ’93, right after the recording of our first album ‘Skydancer.’ He replaced me as a guitarist so that I could focus on singing, and with that, he raised the bar and set the course for what we could do and wanted to be.

“His influence and passion had an absolutely massive impact. The first song that we wrote together was something we ended up calling ‘Punish my Heaven,’ and with that, we knew that we were on a path that we up until then had only dreamed of,” he added.

“Fredrik was mercilessly funny, sharp, and highly intelligent and would light up a conversation with his amazingly positive and quick-witted commentary. But also, as easily, he would tear an uninformed argument or opinion apart with well articulated and thoroughly researched logic.

“His sense of humor and adventure would more often than not lead to epic excursions in stupidity and madness that I will forever miss,” Mikael Stanne wrote.

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Story behind Fredrik Johansson’s Cause of Death

Fredrik Johansson’s cause of death was revealed after his sudden death at the age of 47. The artist battled cancer and died from cancer on January 25, 2022.

Fredrik Johansson's Cause of Death Shocks Many Fans

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Johansson joined Dark Tranquillity in 1993. Fredrik initially didn’t appear on the band’s Skydancer debut album, but he did make a contribution to the later added track “Of Chaos and Eternal Night.”

His first full album with the band came two years later, in 1995 with The Gallery. The guitarist’s final album with the group would be the band’s 4th release, Projector, in 1999. Fredrik left the band in ’99 to focus on his family.

“Having known about his cancer battle for almost three years and having dealt with the fact that this day would eventually come doesn’t make it any less real. We all still feel it. And we always will,” Mikael Stanne said in his statement.

One Twitter user wrote: “I remember pressing play and being mesmerized right away by this masterpiece, even now almost 20 years later. Thanks for your contribution on one of the best album of all time. R.I.P Fredrik Johansson and f*ck cancer.”

“RIP Fredrik Johansson. The Mind’s I was my first death metal album. The Gallery is an alltime classic, and never forget the great Of Chaos and Eternal Light,” another Twitter user wrote.

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