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What Happened to Singer and Guitarist Gared O’Donnell at 44?


Planes Mistaken For Stars frontman passed away on November 24, 2021. To read all the details surrounding Gared O’Donnell’s cause of death, stay up with us.

The heartbreaking news has shocked many fans, and Planes Mistaken For Stars band has paid tribute to O’Donnell in a statement shared on Instagram.

“It is impossible to express the depth of sorrow in which we must announce that Gared O’Donnell, our brother, our leader, our captain, who has done more to cultivate love and light in this world than any of us can understand, has moved on from his physical form here with us and crossed the rainbow bridge into the eternal ether,” the statement read.

What Happened to Singer and Guitarist Gared O’Donnell at 44?
Image Source: Outsider

“A titan, a pillar, a beacon, no one that knew him wasn’t touched or inspired. The gift he gave us was himself, fully unselfishly pouring his life, love, and soul out to the world, so honestly that it hurt,” the band continued in their statement.

“Gared spent the last year of his life doing exactly what he loved, writing and recording music. We are currently working hard to bring these multiple final projects to completion.

“It is heartbreaking to do this without him, but we know that he would want for us to complete what we had started together. We will do our absolute best to honor his legacy and spread word of the legend that he embodied,” the band wrote.

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Gared O’Donnell’s Cause of Death Revealed

Gared O’Donnell’s cause of death relates to esophageal cancer. Last August, the guitarist was diagnosed with stage three Esophagus Cancer.

Planes Mistaken For Stars band was formed in Peoria, Illinois, in 1997. The group released their self-titled EP soon after before moving to Denver.

They released three studio albums — 2001’s Fuck With Fire, 2004’s Up In Them Guts, and 2006’s Mercy — before breaking up in 2007.

They started to play shows once in a while again in 2010 and released their fourth album, Prey, in 2016.

What Happened to Singer and Guitarist Gared O’Donnell at 44?
Image Source: Loaded Radio

Bassist Andrew Seward paid touching tributes to the late singer, saying: “A true force of nature and glorious spirit.”

One fan wrote on social media: “R.I.P. Gared O’Donnell. Awesome songwriter and vocalist. I had no idea he was sick. I was fanboying over him on ig earlier this week.”

It is a difficult time for O’Donnell’s family and friends. Words cannot express our deep sorrow from the tragic death of Gared, and we ask you all to keep him, his family, his friends, and all of his loved ones in your thoughts through this agonizing time.

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Reactions to Gared O’Donnell’s Death

As the heartbreaking news circulated, friends and many fans shared touching tributes on social media.

David Anthony wrote on Twitter: “Absolutely crushed to hear the news of Gared O’Donnell passing. He was our Lemmy, more myth than man, who carried an air of danger and warmth in all he did. RIP to an absolute real one.”

Kez Whelan tweeted: “Awful news about Gared O’Donnell, one of the most unique voices in hardcore. We were lucky enough to open for Planes Mistaken For Stars a couple of years ago & he was the nicest, most welcoming dude, no ego whatsoever – he even gave me a birthday shout-out on stage. Rest in peace.”

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