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Reality Behind Skid Row Activist General Jeff’s Cause of Death


Many condolences have been shared, announcing that west coast veteran and skid row activist has passed away on October 21, 2021. General Jeff’s cause of death has been discussed. Stay to learn more.

First of all, it needs to be mentioned that no reliable sources have neither shared nor confirmed the tragic News yet; however, General Jeff’s death has been tweeted by many, confirming his death on social media.

According to sources, General Jeff played the role of a DJ affiliated with Uncle Jamms Army, first getting his start as a part of Bobby Jimmy & The Critters.

He wrote for Russ Parr, Bobby Jimmy, and even starred as the rapping roach in the popular parody song “Roaches” in several group’s songs and videos.

“He fought for the rights of those who are unhoused.”

Walking away from the industry, he started his new role as an activist, helping the homeless on the Los Angeles Skid Row section. He attended meetings at Cutt Hall, worked along with politicians, obtained services for the homeless.

Due to what he had done, many homeless have access to the survival needs such as meals, products, shelters, and other much-needed items.

Putting aside all of these, he stayed on the heads of the LAPD due to Black Lives Matters issues partaking in protests and meetings. Also, he won a case filed against him by the police in which he believed was a conspiracy by the department due to his activism for the homeless and Black lives.

Noted, he organized the first Skid Row Music Festival showcasing the likes of Public Enemy, Lady of Rage, Brother J of X-Clan, Yo-Yo, Kid Frost, and many others for the sake of more public awareness of homeless issues.

Many appeared for the first time, seeing the camps of homeless people in person, tried their best to support the event. Jeff is referred to as the “Mayor of Skid Row” for his service by many of the homeless.

May he rest easy in grace and love and be remembered fondly. Please write your condolence for us as it will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times.

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Story Behind Activist General Jeff’s Cause of Death

The tragic news has been shared on social media, claiming the activist General Jeff’s cause of death was due to health issues; Make sure to check back the US Day News regularly for the latest updates and be the first to know.

According to some sources, General Jeff was hospitalized before, suffering from heart issues, and needed the help of life support after conditions gravely worsened.

One replied: “R.I.P General Jeff always fighting for Skid Row & the lives of the un-housed His 2012 Occupy Skid Row Music Festival was epic He helped me get the metro to add 720 rapid bus stops at 6th/central back in 2009.”

Danielle Sandoval for LA City Council wrote: “Had the pleasure of working with community activist & friend GeneralJeff Page aka Mayor of Skid-row. Advocating in the streets of L.A. for almost two decades, he fought for the rights of those who are unhoused. Rest In Power, my friend & fellow advocate. (Photo IG: Arnold shoots).”

One said: “RIP to dedicated human rights activist and hip hop pioneer General Jeff. The Skid Row Neighborhood Council election, led largely by Jeff, was one of our first fights shortly after forming.”

Ice Cube expressed on Twitter: “Sad news about the passing of General Jeff. A good dude who spent a lot of time looking out for the less fortunate.”

One wrote: “Just found out some news that West Coast Styles is reporting that GeneralJeff, @GoSkidRowGo has passed away. A fearless advocate that never shied away from controversy in his activism for the unhoused and Skid Row.”

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  1. Dashia October 23, 2021

    Praying for the family of General Jeff Rest in peace we love you from Dallas

    1. US day News October 24, 2021

      Dear Dashia,
      Thank you for sharing your kind words. May he rest in power.

  2. Antonio Rodriguez October 24, 2021

    He was a power grid of a human being. It was an honor to know and befriend him. May his work continue to grow in the light and dark of his passing. Wishing all of you reading this well… If you’ve ever wanted to help Skid Row, this is the perfect time, kind stranger.


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