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Is Glen Ford Dead? Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report


We were heartbroken to hear the news of Mr. ford’s death. Multiple tweets have been shared, which led us all to wonder, “is Glen Ford dead?” and if so, what was the cause?

Mr. Ford, Bruce Dixon, Margaret Kimberley, and Leutisha left Black Commentator, led Mr. Ford to co-found and edited, and launched the Black Agenda Report.

He used to work as a newsperson at four local stations such as Columbus, Georgia, Atlanta, and Baltimore. At that place and time, he created a half-hour weekly news magazine called “Black World Report.” 

Is Glen Ford Dead? Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report
Image Source: peoplesforum.org

His works became famous little by little, and for the next four years, the program generated international headlines almost every week. Never since had Black news completely commanded the weekly attention among the news services.

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Is Glen Ford Dead or Alive?

Margaret Kimberley was the first one to announce: ” I am sorry to inform you that Glen Ford, founder of Black Agenda Report, and my friend, comrade, and mentor has passed away. We will share more information as we receive it.”

Later on, Black Alliance for Peace announced: “The Black Alliance for Peace mourns the passing of Glenford (November 5, 1949-July 28, 2021) from an elder to an ancestor.”

It is said on his grieve: “He has put both Wall Street and U.S. imperial power on new and more aggressive tracks, just as he hired himself out to do.”

We will be thankful if you share any more details due to Glen Ford’s cause of death or any other related to his career. Would you please acknowledge us in case of having more reliable, trustworthy information?

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Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

Mr. Ford co-founded BlackCommentator.com (BC) back in 2002. It became famous and popular not long later as it was the most influential Black political site on the Net.

In October 2006 when Mr.Ford and the entire writing team left BC, which led them to founder the BlackAgendaReport.com (BAR).

Mr. Ford was so successful over the past years throughout his career:

  • National Political Columnist for Encore American
  • National Political Columnist for Worldwide News magazine
  • Founder of The Black Commentator and Africana Policies magazines
  • Authored The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Grenada Invasion
  • Voiced over 1000 radio commercials & cores of television commercials
  • He also served as reporter and editor for three newspapers (two daily, one weekly).

It needs to be mentioned that Mr. Ford was a co-founder member of the Washington chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists.

He used to be the executive board member of the National Alliance of Third World Journalists. Based on a source, he was the media specialist for the National Minority Purchasing Council and spoke at colleges and universities’ scores.

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Reactions to The Tragic News Due to Glen Ford Death

Many have been commenting and sharing the tragic news on Twitter. One shared: “No words, just immense sadness. A moral and intellectual giant in these dismal times. Rest in Power.”

One shared: “Devastating, Glen Ford was an absolute giant; I learned so much listening to and reading him. Sincerest condolences to all his loved ones. Rest in peace/rise in power.”

One wrote: “Such a shame. I was highly impressed with Glen when I heard him speak. He was fearless in speaking the truth to power and unafraid to exhibit his disgust with those in authority. We need more men like @GlenFordBAR.”

One tweeted: “Glen Ford’s passing is unfortunate news. BAR has been one of the few staunch voices valiantly striking out against the hegemonic imperialist media. His role in raising consciousness and challenging bourgeois propaganda will have long-lasting impacts. Rest In Peace.”

One wrote: “Damn. I’m so sorry, Margaret. Glen was a brilliant man who was loved by many. May he rest in power.”

Another one tweeted: “A tremendous loss to the left and the wider community as a whole. His voice always carried a message of liberation and hope. Condolences to his family and @blkagendareport#RESTINPOWER!”

One shared: “I had long been a fan of Glenford’s special brand of truth-telling. He was one of the first to make space for my work on the dangerous impact of universities on our communities. He interviewed me for @blkagendareport radio just a couple of months ago. Rest in Power!”

One replied: “A real loss for the movement and all of his loved ones; I’m so sorry to hear this. Learned a lot speaking with him the few times I had the chance. It’s a good time to go back and look over the excellent writings he’s left us.”

Another one tweeted: “He will be so dearly missed. Glen is personally responsible for quite a lot of my political development, as are both of you.”

One commented: “Rest In Power. Ford was a truth-teller, often at great personal cost, and a man of integrity. IIRC, he coined the term “the Black Misleadership Class.” He was incisive. His intellect will be missed in these trying times.”

Please remember that our condolences will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times. Kindly leave yours in the comment box below.

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  1. paul m whalen July 29, 2021

    Glen Ford’s passing leaves the world a poorer place. Unflagging, implacable foe of all forms of domination and exploitation, his was a voice of liberation for all of capital’s victims.

    1. US day News July 29, 2021

      Dear Whalen, thank you for sharing your kind words. We genuinely appreciate them and you, and May he rest easy in grace and love.

    2. Gerald Pop Davis July 30, 2021

      Remembering Glenn.I knew Glenn person3. We grew up together in Jersey City NJ. Glenn was a born genius. Time nor space will allow me this opportunity to share all of our times, but they were all important. As grew in different geographical directionswe always stayed in touch.Glenn would visit me and we would talk til daybreak. I visited him occasionally in New York. When I heard the news of his passing a void within me was soon filled with memories. Glenn had such an intelligent fearless swag. Like most people who know me Glenn always addressed me as Pop the artist. My deepest condolences to his brotherDave and sister Ellen. With the most respect rest Glenn. Love and respect Pop Davis

      1. US day News August 1, 2021

        Dear Davis, we appreciated your lovely short story and the acknowledgment of how great and kind-hearted he was. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. May he rest easy in grace and love.

  2. Darren August 1, 2021

    Glen Ford was to me the Malcolm X of black journalism, I looked forward to his commentary, rest on power King

    1. US day News August 1, 2021

      Dear Dareen, we are thankful for your heartfelt sympathy. May he rest in heaven’s glory.

  3. Te Kupu August 1, 2021

    Haere rā e te rangatira (farewell to the leader). I rebroadcast excerpts from Black Agenda Report on my weekly radio show on Māori (Indigenous) radio in Wellington city, Aotearoa (so-called New Zealand), because Glen Ford is a people’s champion with the clearest of thinking, his crucial work and strength is current and necessary to liberation struggles everywhere!

    1. US day News August 2, 2021

      Dear Te Kupu, It is nice to see Mr. Ford had such great and thoughtful fans and friends. Thank you for sharing your kind and significant words with us.


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